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It is not always bad news


Hello. Firstly I'd like to say I have been following from a distance (silent) and have been amazed at the strength and positivity from these lovely people. My story I felt i should share. October 2015 I experienced major stress in my life related to work and some toxic people around me. As a result ( i believe) I spiralled down mentally and physically. I missed 3 periods (very rare for me) and so the my journey began. February I felt really depressed and decided to involve myself in PT (personal training). After each session i needed to sleep the rest of the day away. Gnawing, scraping pains began on my right side in March/April 2016. I decided to ignore in hope the next period would fix things up. In May nothing changed. June I decided to visit a female doctor. She sent me away for lots of tests. You see i had nausea constantly too. Anyhow, scans came back indicating a cyst 4cm - my golfball and a polyp on my uterine wall. Abdominal scans clear. So now it was the 12 week wait and see approach. 12 weeks by and another scan indicated golf ball and the polyp were still there but they were not sure where the cyst was located - a mystery. So off i go to my gyno and surgery scheduled for Sept. Oh dear...private health cover doesn't cover me so off i go to another gyno. Oct 7th (my sons bday) Gyno 2 orders blood tests. 2 days later i am called in with a HE 4 level of 70 - borderline. CA125 level of 13. Roma result puts me in High malignancy rate. My world crumbles. He won't touch me so off i go to the Oncologist/gyno number 3. So another month wait and i see this fella. He looks at scans, reads report and says i am fine. Yay for me.....but deep down i am scared he is wrong. So Jan 24th I have surgery - lap, hysteroscopy, D&C plus whatever they must do (and that is the scary thought). I come out of surgery in a panic attack with everyone running around frantic- What is wrong? pain? They all ask. All i wanted was answers. I had a paraovarian cyst removed (twisted around my tube), part of the tube removed, ovaries stayed. I just wanted to know if i was cancer free. But no, I had to wait another 2 weeks for results. Finally, i had the all clear. HE4 reading being borderline (70)- no idea why ! And I must admit it still bothers me. I suppose i wanted to share this because although i had been given a poor prognosis i was fine. But i learnt a lot during this 10 month ordeal. I am more wary of what i put into my body. I am very much an organic person now. I am very aware of the chemicals i use around the house. I am very aware of the darling people on here who did not get the good news I obtained. I am inspired by all of you. I will fight your fight with you and I will do my best to get Ovarian Cancer information out into the public eye. You people are inspirational. Stay positive and keep smiling. That is my story.

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Hi and thank you for sharing your story Melcat . So pleased you have had a good outcome following all you have been through . Kathy xx

Melcat, thanks for sharing your story with us. And I'm glad your good 😊

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