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My beautiful mum

I've not posted in quite a while but read all your posts daily!

My beautiful brave, courageous, strong mum passed away on 20th November.

She had been told maybe a couple of weeks left back in March, but being the fighter she was refused to accept that, she took steroids and days later was walking around Ampthill park with my two dogs and her own!

She started weekly taxol, which showed stable disease at the half way scan, we were elated, her oncologist too, however it didnt last, a few weeks later in August an early scan revealed thw worst possible news..... Taxol stopped and we prepared ourselves.

She NEVER gave up, not once, even at the hospice she said she'd have more chemo once they'd sorted her bowel issues out, god love her.

I guess what i'm trying to also say is that yes, my mum did die of the evil that is cancer, but her story of 8 years living with with it, fighting it, and 7 lines of chemo plus a trial just shows how tough you women are, and it is true that where there is life there is hope.... Keep fighting girls, youre amazing.

Wishing all a wonderful christmas and a kick cancers butt new year 😘


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Sincere condolences to you and your family. Your moms courage, strength and determination and her grace and fortitude in dealing with her illness is a testament to how much she loved you all and how amazing she truly was.

Much Love



What a lovely person you must be and what a sensitive message for all of us. It's only four weeks since your mother died and yet you think of others. I do hope that you are able to enjoy all the lovely memories of your mother over the Christmas period. You sound as though you have a lot of your mother in you. Warm regards Carole.


I'm so sorry that this has happened at this time of year for you. Your mom was a fighter. My thoughts are with you. Take care. Love Trish xx


Bless you. Warm wishes at this time of year. Be proud of your Mum she sounds lovely x


Thank you for letting us this very sad news. And best wishes for what will be tough festivities- but hopefully not all the time. xx


I'm so sorry to read abut your Mum. She was so brave. You must be so proud of her. It is so difficult to lose someone close.

Best wishes for 2016

LA xx


So very sorry you are in my houghts and prayers x G x


So sorry you lost your Mum so fast in the end, but she is at peace. I am sure you have wonderful memories to look back on over the Xmas season, you will have happy and sad times but rest assured your Mum will be watching out for you


So sorry to read that your Mum passed away, Hope. What a lovely, sensitive Daughter you were. I wish you a peaceful Christmas, which will obviously be a different one without your Dear Mum.

With love, Solange. :-)


So sorry for your loss. Vxxx


Condolences to you and your family circle. Your mum certainly did put bup a good fight and by participating in a trial she has helped the doctors to learn something about this disease that will help others, so be very proud of her.

I would like to wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016. Ann x

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Thank you for taking the time to post a kind message to us all whilst dealing with the sad news about your mum. I'm sure you helped to make her last few months the most enjoyable they could be and because if that she 'lived' right up to the end. Much love. M.B. xxx


Sincere condolences to you and your family. Your mom must have been so strong. xx


So sorry for your loss. Your mum sounded truely amazing. My husband lost his mum on 15th December and I lost mine on 23rd so (well not in the same year) but I know how difficult it can be especially when the anniversary comes around. Take comfort from your family and friends and I hope you find peace, strength and love this christmas.

Love Patx


Hats off to your amazing mother


I am sorry to hear your news but really like the sound of your mum, what a fighter and an inspiration. Thinking of you and your family.

love Francesca x


Please accept my sincerest sympathy for the passing of your Mom. She sounds like a brave and amazing woman, and you sound like a wonderful daughter.

I wish you and your family happier days in 2016. Judy


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