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10,000 steps Challenge. Overdid it, & have run myself down!

So cross with myself. Doing the CRUK 10,000 steps a day in March, & was determined to hit the goal on day 1, so I didn't start with a deficit. However I've cut off my nose to spite my face as I've had the most horrendous sore throat all night, I came to bed with a temperature & I'm suffering from a rotten vice-like headache!

My plans to do some steps with a friend today on the treadmill at the gym have gone out the window, & the way I'm feeling I'll barely walk at all today. Thank God I'm having some Reiki later, that should help.

This bloody disease is SO frustrating. I hate not being able to do the exercise I want. As you can tell I'm not terribly patient.

How do you find what's the right balance without overdoing it. I just forget my immune system is not what it once was 😕 plus I've got my weekly chemo Friday, & I can do without feeling like shit 'before' I've had it!!

Oh & they forgot to test my CA125 last week, Oncologist called yesterday & said until then no reassurance it's coming down, but she's 'sure' it will be. So do I...I'm so convinced I'm gonna beat this I'm not sure I'll cope if it's not gone down?

Sorry, just having a moan as I HATE feeling ill, esp when it's self-induced...xxx

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Morning Sarah,

It's funny how we seemed to want to get back to what we once carried out isn't it !

I totally " get" what you are trying to achieve and almost bring back some normality in this surreal Ovarian cancer world we all now belong to !

Truth is I guess , is that there will be our new normality, with limitations on what we once carried out .

Even this morning, waking up , I'm reminded of my chemo side effects, bloody neuropathy in my foot !

Like you Sarah, I'm soooo impatient, and just as soon as I felt a little more able to do things, went at it full on ! ... Results.. sore throats, temp etc!!!

You'll get there honey, just don't beat yourself up when you are unable to reach unrealistic goals!

Take care my sweet,

Much love ❤️

Jackie xxx


Hi Sarah

Years ago I was involved in a programme of healing..they kept going on about acceptance but I just wanted to cut to the chase and feel better. Inevitably, although I had good moments, I kept going backwards again until (you guessed it) I finally gave in and fully accepted my situation (which was bleak but not cancer related). I recovered but I have had many reasons to thank that programme, not least during my current tussle with OC.

Be really gentle with yourself..if your friend had OC and was still on chemo would you tell her she better achieve her goal and walk 10000 steps? Or would you invite her to rest up and guard her energy?

Much love Lyndy x

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The right balance is different for everyone and takes a bit of trial and error to get right. I still get frustrated that I don't seem to be able to do as much as before. I'm not having chemo so it's not to do with that.

I couldn't do 10,000 steps a day every day (though I did in excess of that every day prior to diagnosis, even when I must have been very ill with the cancer). I can do it on some days, but not all. Although I've heard the goal of 10,000 is 'made up' anyway. Also, it doesn't account for other things you do. I also do yoga or may ride my bike or may do some gardening. I couldn't do 10,000 steps and those things. So I don't get too bogged down in it.

The trick is to do things that make you feel better. I find some daily fresh air and exercise helps to make me feel better, but I stop when I start to flag. And it's not the same every day.

Similarly this whole thing about having 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. I don't eat enough to eat 10 portions and the other types of food in the right proportion that I need to stay alive. So I do what feels right for me. I probably have around 7 portions a day and that feels about right, i.e. I have enough energy, my tummy feels well, etc. I did try to eat 10 portions and got tummy ache!!

These things are general guides. They're not right for everyone.

Start yourself off with a goal you know you can achieve and gradually increase it until you find the right balance for you. I started off with 3000 steps and it's now 7500. I seem to have levelled off at 7500 and that's ok. Personally I think a mix of exercise is better for you anyway. So 7500 and 30 minutes of yoga is my typical day. The day I go to my yoga class (1.5 hours) I do around 5000 steps. That seems to work for me.

Also, factor in 'rest' days. It's ok to have a rest day. You feel better for it generally.


Thanks for all the (very sensible) advice. It's interesting the points raised. There was one about 'acceptance' & I think it was only this morning the realisation hit me that I've probably been in 'denial' since first being diagnosed. It's been quite a sub/conscious thing, & of course I know I have OC but I don't think I've realised I just can't do the things I used to.

On reflection today, I'm resting, staying warm, nurturing myself, & have decided my aim/new goal will be 3-5000 steps a day until I hit the total of 310,000.

I think I actually needed to see firsthand what I could, and can't do. I'm so blooming stubborn I'd probably make the same mistake again. However I'm much happier knowing my limits, & at least I can say I tried...even if I am stupid ha ha!!

Let's hope there's not a knock on effect from my chemo tomorrow xxx

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Sorry you not feeling good Sarah, that's a lot to take on. It's unbelievable your doing so much, well I hope you get some rest, and take care of yourself. Sending positive love and healing your way💕😘

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Hi Sarah , I know exactly where you're coming from . It's very hard to accept we can't seem to do the things we used to do. I'm no spring chicken but sometimes I feel like a really old lady especially when trying to go upstairs. Before I started my chemo this time I used to run up the stairs at work. Although I wasn't supposed to - health and safety🙄 So now I'm just learning to listen to my body and when I feel tired I sit and recharge my batteries . Hoping to build up my stamina once I've finished my chemo . Take care lovely and look after yourself 😘😘🌻🌻


Everyone else has said sensible things, but I wanted to tell you that I have a sort of resolution to aim for 10000 steps a day through my current chemo. I'm not managing to do it every day but I certainly am surprised at how well I'm feeling, though I've only had one lot so far. I didn't sign up for the CRUK thing because at the time I saw it I had some more ambitious fundraising ideas, but I might.... Don't be too hard on yourself. There's a vicious cold and sore throat doing the rounds. But it will pass....xx


Ah thank you for saying that! I did want something to challenge me, I mean let's face it, if it's easy what's the point. I do still think it's a good thing for me to aim for but at present the mind is willing & the flesh is weak. However I'm hoping I will gradually build up my strength, resilience & stamina, even whilst on chemo. I was relatively fit before so have high expectations of myself but at least I've learnt (albeit the hard way) to tune in & listen to my body. Xxx


I can identify with all that...but in reality we never know when its self induced...like in life I guess! We are not immune from what everyone else gets though would like to think we are!!

Am sure you will feel better there are horrible things around; try to relax....!Chris

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Don't beat yourself up. for all you know, someone sneezed on a door handle that you used and you would have gotten sick either way. I find that exercising gives me energy and clears my mind.

So if you're feeling lousy, take a rest, but on says that you feel up, I say rock your steps!

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