OC awareness

I was disappointed to see that not many commented on the video we made .

We were on local TV, newspaper and on NHSHighland Facebook .

If you scroll down the page you will also see an article the board wrote about us helping to raise awareness.

I think that it was fantastic that our health board supported us ,if we achieve just one life being saved  I would be so happy!

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  • So sorry you were disappointed. I did try to view your video but couldn't get the link to work. I should have posted to you then - my bad! Could you post the link again and I will try again. Thanks, and thank you for making it.

  • I thought your video was excellent. I'm sure many people saw it and were impressed but not everyone knows how to post. Each and every one of us who does anything to raise awareness will be doing something to help to save lives so you should feel very pleased you took advantage of the opportunity and made the video. Let's hope others will be inspired to take their part in a campaign to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and prevent the needless loss of lives. xxxx Annie

  • I tried to view it here in Ireland but it would not let me.

  • I cannot view it same problem as Kittie but I wanted to say well done xxxx

  • Hi, like many of the others who have commented, I too could not view it and kept seeing a message to try later via You Tube. If you created it the source is on your computer therefore you will not see the same issue. I would reiterate the positive comments from others that raising awareness about OC in whatever ways we can is to be applauded. Well done for keeping it in the public domain.

  • I don't have an excuse! Except that I did read it, thought it was brill and thought 'I'll respond to that later' ( didn't have a minute at the time). Which of course with chemo brain is a disaster - never remember anything. But rest assured, it was much appreciated - you did good. Very good. 

    Beth X

  • I couldn't get the link to work either!, but I think anything to raise awareness is amazing.

    Sorry you were disappointed, I sometimes think I comment too much on here and like to stay Shtum and let others give their viewpoint,but there was no other reason apart from those 2 as to why I personally didn't say anything.

    Just like to say it's brilliant that you managed to get so much coverage,fair play to you,

    Hope you are well,

    Carole xx

  • Really sorry, I missed the link, I will try to find it and watch it..


  • Sorry I couldn't get the link to work. Well done anyway and I'll try again.  X x

  • Thanks everyone-my 13 year old grandson managed to google it!!!

    We did get 8.8k hits when I looked a few days ago !


  • I've just clicked into link posted by Su fleury and it worked.  Well done.  Good job.  I clicked like.   Ann z

  • Hopefully this will work... m.youtube.com/watch?feature...

    Fantastic!! Sx

  • Thanks. Just watched it. Very good.  Ann x

  • I spotted you on fb too Ann. Well done to you too! 

    Sandra X x

  • Thank you Sandra.  x

  • Watched it on uTube and NHS site, fab work. Thanks for making, will share x

  • Just got it on you tube, well done you 3, concise and to the point and you all look well,glamorous and positive.

    Sure it will help ladies who haven't got a clue and by God, I was one of them, if only Id have known,

    Thanks ladies xxx

  • Yes great. Well done.

  • Have managed to watch and share - well done ladies!  X

  • Thanks all-I was just so pleased with our health board!!

  • The new link works. Well done ladies x

  • Yes now managed to get in the new link.   10/10 for helping to spread the word.

  • I have just watched the clip and well done . My beautiful mother was diagnosed at 55 and passed away last April aged 58. We never heard of ovarian cancer when mam was diagnosed it was a shock . Her doctor was giving her antibiotics only that she insisted on an X-ray as she could feel pressure . At that stage mam was stage 3 and if listened to her doctor would not have got 3 years. What you have done is fantastic . I wish my mam was as lucky to survive but God had a different plan . Take care to all warriors on this site it is not an easy battle but keep going x 

  • So sorry to hear about your mother.I had a friend who was diagnosed with O C when we were 28 and my mother had a huge cyst.That is why I was so scared to be diagnosed and when I eventually plucked up the courage to go to my GP I just came straight out with what I thought was wrong with me and she did not argue!!!!!

  • Thanks to all xxx

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