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Can a seromucinous tumor originate from the apendix?

Hi there, I am probably worrying myself too much as I am in bed ill. Now I am only 5weeks post surgery so I don't expect to be jumping around, but as I read into my diagnosis more and more, I feel scared my surgeon may have missed something. And can I just say, two separate teams of surgeons missed my tumor during two different laparoscopies, so I have history with that one.

My oncologist told me she didn't need to look at my apendix because I have a mixed cell this true?

As I have been researching, I am worried that my symptoms we put down to IBS could be more worrisome. .?

I have had regular episodes of severe right side pain, I thought perhaps I had a burst cyst as I have several, I have major bloating issues and have recurrent boats of nausea.

Am I being paranoid? It's possible as this is all so raw. 😐

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Hi Donmk, I know you are sore and recovering from surgery however I take from my post your mind is in over drive. At this stage you should be up and about and walking around the house and able to make a cup of tea etc. However for your mindset it is also important to be up and about a little so that those thoughts you have are distracted by something else. I suggest you ring the Ovacome Nurse for any medical information or perhaps have your questions ready for your check up appointment. Wishing you well


Hi there, thanks for your response. I am pretty mobile after my surgery, I should have been clearer. I am ill due to bowel, bloating and nausea issues not recovery from surgery. This is a frequent scenario for me and prior to my surgeries, I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to check for bowel cancer.

My symptoms were all put down to the endometriosis when this was confirmed.

My symptoms have not reduced but persisted. I am now wondering if everything is linked.

Most of the time I am positive but it's very early in my diagnosis so I guess I am full of questions....I will speak to a nurse when I get my pathology report. I just wanted to know if my concerns are founded or not x

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Some mucinous ovarian tumours do originate from cancer of the appendix, which is why surgeons quite often do take out the appendix when they remove a mucinous cyst, but with tumours like yours and mine, they can tell that the cells that have gone wrong originate from the reproductive system rather than the bowels. That means that you can be fairly certain that your tumour did not start from your appendix.

I have often had right-sided pain since my operation, but my surgeon assures me that this is caused by adhesions, not by recurrence.

Hope that's some reassurance, though I do know how difficult it is not to worry - all of us do that at times!


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Hi, my appendix was removed during debulking surgery yet I still get odd pains from that area and my oncologist has confirmed the pain is from adhesions and nothing to worry about. I was clear cell. Hope this helps a little?

Please leave the online stats alone until you have your information from your own medical team. ❤xx Jane

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Thank you ladies...I am not sure what's got into me. I was riding a high when my oncologist told me she found no evidence of disease spreading, that was two weeks ago. I told everyone the good news and was really feeling very positive. I just seemed to have crash landed now however.... it's like a rollercoaster. I am having anxiety dreams about going back to work too.

I know exactly what I need to do. Push on with the physical recovery. Stop reading scary stories. I am going swimming this week to help the physical side. I am going to get my hair done too for good measure.

Thank you for the's nice not to feel judged. I am guessing you all have your dark times too x


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