Just a little update from me

Good evening to you all, I just thought I would pop in and say Hello. I am still healing, my wound is much improved but nurses are still coming 3 times a week for now but hope in the next couple of weeks that will be me healed and sealed ! I am more mobile, walking without much pain at all. My 1st 3 month check is March 12th and am in a way just waiting for that date to come so I can get it over with !

I am also pleased not to be working at the moment too, new job closer to home sometime later this year will be mine I am sure.

On a slightly different note, I am embracing the Bake Off idea and my friends and family are getting involved and I cant wait to be able to send some money to Ovacome xx

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  • Thank you for the update...so glad that things are improving, best wishes love x G x

  • Lovely to hear things have improved so much for you, as I was only wondering today how you were getting on. Enjoy the baking !

    Sue x

  • Fantastic news, take it easy & enjoy the rest xxxx

  • Good to hear things are knitting away nicely. Don't overdo it at work, it would probably be good to find something less stressful on travel going forward, so good luck with that!


    Sue xxx

  • Lovely to hear from you x glad things are improving and you are feeling much better


    Ally x

  • Good to hear you're on the mend, Carol. It'll be much easier when you're past your check-up too. Good luck with it all.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi .. I was really glad that you're on the mend and also that you're keeping in touch. Take good care. Love T xx

  • Hi carol,

    So pleased your on the mend:) having a bake off sounds a great idea..

    Take care

    Andrea x x

  • Mmmmm bake off sounds scrumptious. It's a shame you can't send some over the Internet.

    So pleased to hear that you are improving. Keep it up but don't overdo it.

    Love Izzy xxxxx

  • Glad to hear that things have improved. Take it steadily and enjoy the bake off.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Carol thanks for the update pleased that you are healing. good luck with check up.

    Enjoy the baking.

    Regards Barbara

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