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Learn from my stupidity!

Just a quick word of advice for you ladies who are about to have or just had the big debulking op. I'll be six weeks post op this Saturday, but have put my recovery back. (Not great as I start chemo next week.)

In the usual way of us ladies, I thought I was feeling much better and went for a lovely walk along the beach last Saturday (when I was exactly 5 weeks post op). It was flat along the concrete walkway and only a little bit on the sand so I thought I was being sensible. Anyway I ended up according to my pedometer doing three times my previous walking. Felt a weeny bit tired but had a nice lunch. Yippee I've turned a corner I thought.

Well, learn from my mistake! I've spent since then feeling exhausted and have started the watery bleeding again. ☹️ I've checked with the Oncologist who thinks its due to me overdoing it. Hindsight eh?!

Anyway just to say - Do what they tell you! Rest and don't over exert post op. We all think we are superwoman but sometimes we need to be patient and not rush...



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Naughty naughty! But it is sooo good when you begin to feel human again..I can understand you being tempted to do too much. xx

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You don't realise and before you know it you find yourself in a pickle .... rest up and best wishes for your future treatment 😊🤗

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Hi there, you are so right but very hard to follow. I did similarly after my operation in November 2015.

I have a kind of run down beach near me & I normally know my limits especially after such a horrible operation & lots of chemo. The fact it was a few months after my surgery I thought I would be ok but it was only the next day I realised I had over done it. I couldn't stop sicking, had a really bad head ache & had a little bleed I knew right a way I had walked too far. It took me over a week to recover & my daughter in law was very cross with me as she is my number one carer.

Please don't beat yourself up about it because its easily done. Thanks for letting us know. Good Luck on your recovery take care Cindyxx

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Oh no! Rest up and recover - don't lift a finger if you don't have to.

I did a similar thing - decided to spring clean my house because I was feeling better and had run out of box sets to watch...I then spent 3 days straight in bed. I took it as a sign that cleaning is bad for me 😁


Tsk tsk..

I hear you though.

It took more strength for me to take plenty of bed rest but it did help with the healing.

There's a lot going on in there after the op. Please do take care of yourself.

Debs xx


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