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Neal's Yard Remedies - Wild Rose Beauty Balm (for scars)

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Hello lovely ladies

I just thought i'd share with you, this wonderful product that i've been using since my last op. I had a 13cm incision along my bikini line, which was incredibly hard, lumpy & numb for a while after my surgery. I had some reflexology and the lady recommended massaging my scar with some Wild Rose balm every night, to help break down the scar tissue. So at 6 weeks post op (and having consulted my onco) I did and it's been amazing. Pretty much all the hardness and lumpiness has gone apart from some at one end (where i'm guessing most of the 'tying off' happened) and the scar itself is already starting to fade (not that i am too bothered about the look of it...i wear my scars with pride) but I just thought i'd share this with you. I will continue to do this until all the lumps have gone!

This Wild Rose beauty balm can be used for a whole variety of things (cleanser, lip balm, dry skin name it) and a little goes a long way, so great value for money.

Happy Tuesday xx

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This is great, thanks! like you I've been wearing my scars with pride but the bumpy and lumpy bits I find uncomfortable. I've been using bio oil and scar fx silicone gel which have been OK but for the price of the silicone, I'm not sure (although I'm only half way through the recommended usage). I'll give this a go too! x

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Hope it works for you hun and that you're feeling better x

Thank you for that, I used the bio oil, I also wore a cami top inside my tee shirt or jumper to hide the lumps when working as I was self concious but I am sure no one else could see them. I will certainly look for this cream all the very best

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Yeah give it a can't hurt and as i've said, it has multiple uses too :) I think it's quite natural to feel self conscious when actually, people on the outside don't notice half of what we worry about :) x

I think the trick is to (gently at first) massage your scar area daily, preferably when you're warm (so after a bath is great) and relaxed (so before bed is good...i leave the jar on my bedside table to remind me to do it). It's similar to when you have a deep tissue massage & you can start to break down the scar tissue with your fingers. Go gently at first, but you'll get to know what pressure works best for you. I was told to really pay attention to how it felt under my fingers and therefore how it changes over time. Initially I was really tentative and so went quite light...but gradually i've managed to increase the pressure (again, gently and only for a few minutes) and I've noticed a massive difference. I'm sure time is a great healer too, but the more you can work scars like this, the better they are in the future. And apparently, this concentrated 'wild rose' oil in the balm has many holistic benefits to the healing process too :) xx

P.S. you can get a small jar for £12.50 or a larger jar for £38 (and it lasts FOREVER and has multi uses!)

Thank you, my scar is pretty old but not pretty so worth a try certainly,

Thanks for the hot tip.. I feel like a bit of pampering! Wish I could have a body massage but that's a no no until end of treatment... hope you're ok Love Michelle x

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I'm doing well thanks Michelle - are you allowed a facial or some reflexology? Sometimes I find either of those far more relaxing than general body massage. Hope your treatment is gong well Hun & you're feeling ok xx

I can have a facial not the electrolysis one... I did have an Indian head massage and that was pure bliss. I finished chemo in June and now continuing with Avastin until March but it does give me headaches, makes my shoulders, legs and ankles ache and I'm very tired... not as brutal as chemo but still a hard slog! I'm just staying focused and positive when I have my CT scan at the end of treatment... was diagnosed 3C last December xx

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Mrs_Atko in reply to GBIRVMIC

Glad to hear you're nearing your end of treatment & Good luck for your CT scan...what a year you've had. In the meantime, enjoy all the lovely things you CAN have (facials, head massage & try reflexology) & enjoy pampering yourself :) xx

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