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Home from the op !

Good morning lovely ladies!

Just updating you all on my progress. Arrived home from the hospital yesterday. 🎉🍾.. As you probably know successful debulking, still reeling in the glory.

Strange sleep 😴 ( or little of it) last night, you would have thought it would have been so much nicer and easier to drop off considering there are no bleeping machines and people constantly being sick, but no , I've been twisting and turning all night ! This of course may due due to the discomfort from my tummy and my new ileostomy! ( this is to be reversed hopefully)

I was also wondering if after having been diagnosed NED, do we all have to go on to a preventative medication?

I am due for my 3 mop up chemos over the next few 9 weeks, despite the surgery being successful, they say this is just incase there are any little swines lurking with intent .. I know they will probably advise me, however I just wondered if there were any of you ladies that were just monitored without any meds ?

Thanks so much .

From a wide awake Jackie 😳!

Much ❤️ love xxx

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Glad you're home, don't forget to prop yourself up with pillows when you lie or even sit as that really helps support you.

Chemo post a successful Op can depend on stage and/or grade. I was staged at 1C (tumour on one ovary, it had ruptured previously and then again during surgery and cancer cells found in abdiominal fluid) and it was clear cell which is grade 3. I wasn't given an option of not having chemo. Chemo helps zap the microscopic cells that MAY be left and are invisible to the eye....little bu&&ers!

Rest, let people look after you, don't try to do anything for at least a week or two, then do as little as possible for 4 more! There are some great Christmas films on Channel 5 every day......yes I've found them!

Take care

Clare 👍🏻💐🌺


Clare , you are a star ⭐️!!

I know that we have all been , or are going through this, however you forget the basics, just like pillows!! Yes, noticed the Christmas 🎄 films !!! Popcorn at the ready for this afternoon!

Much love ❤️ Jackie xxx


Just like Claire, I too was not given the option on chemo, mine was also clear cell 1c3 and it can be a difficult one to deal with so the chemo just mops up any little blighters that may have escaped the abdominal wash. Everything Claire says is spot on especially the pillows for sleeping, so very necessary as is letting other people do literally everything for you . The chemo is peace of mind and an insurance policy so I'd say if they advise you to have it then go with it. Enjoy the films and popcorn and good luck ❤️ 🎄 Jane Xx



You have some good advice here. I know it's tempting to avoid chemo but you have to consider how good OC is at coming back. If a few cycles of chemo can help you avoid recurrence it is well worth it xx


Thanks ladies! You are absolutely right, chemo here I come ! I'm feeling a bit better today , getting used to this ileostomy is a bit of a new one in me, think I was a bit nervous changing it in my own as the motions are so runny up to my colostomy! (Sorry if too much info ! ).... I am 3c serous ov and although that apparently is the most common form , I'm guessing they have a procedure to follow with the plan they've already put in place.

Much love ❤️ Jackie xxx


shire62, my oncologist/surgeon told me he has his patients "hit the first occurrence HARD and with everything available to fight it" because he's noticed longer time to reoccurrence. He has patients diagnosed with advanced disease where it doesn't come back for 8-10 years and some who have NOT reoccurred! His goal is clinical, radiological and pathological NED.


Hi jackie.

I'm The same as you. Had successful optimal debulking surgery. Had a scan and was told afterwards that I'm in complete remission. I still have to have the three cycles of chemo too. I still have microscopic clusters of cancer cells so I it's to eradicate those. I will be on avastin too for a year. I'm just thinking bring it on. Anything to zap the nasty little critters.

Wishing you well and many many years of a very happy remission. Xxx

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Thankyou Suzanne!

It's nice to know that we are bobbing along with the same condition isn't it !

I've not been told about Avastin as yet but I have an appointment on Wednesday for bloods and follow up from the op , so I will discuss this then ..

I'm due for chemo on the 9th of Dec, that's only 17 days since surgery , seems a bit quick doesn't it ???

Much love ❤️ Jackie xxx


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