Sunny Saturday - Wishing you all well x

Sunny Saturday - Wishing you all well x

Hello lovely ladies

4 days post op & my hubby took me out to our local National Trust (Croome Court) so I could stretch my legs & 'get things moving' ☺️ It worked!

Yesterday I felt completely wiped out but today I felt better despite my tummy feeling quite swollen. Last 2 dressings come off on Monday...yay!

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Saturday. I get my histology results when I see my onc on 25th Aug...fingers crossed its good news! Xx

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  • You look amazing so soon after surgery... Lovely pic... Fingers crossed for 25th 😍

  • Thanks Shelley xx

  • Looking good girl! 🖒

    Good luck on the25th


  • Thanks D xx

  • Good luck for the 25th. 👍👍👍

  • Thanks Millie xx

  • Yes, always a traumatic time. I hope you get the news you are hoping for.


  • Thanks Jenny xx

  • What a relaxed picture. It's amazing to think it's 96 hours since your operation! Crossing digits on all limbs for 25th for you. Enjoy the rest of the weekend


  • Thanks Netti...feeling a bit swollen & uncomfortable tonight but mad to think 4 days ago I was currently in living hell in recovery! Onwards & upwards :) xx

  • Glad you've had such a lovely day! Fingers crossed for the 25th xx

  • Thanks Yosh xx

  • Good old National Trust! You look very well so soon after surgery. Good luck for 25th!

  • Thanks Helen...the miracle of decent pain relief I'm sure!! :) xx

  • That's good after your disastrous experience of pain relief in the recovery room. Glad to see you looking so well.

  • Thanks...& yeah, after the recovery room palarva, my pain management has been spot on (better than after first op!)...strange that, but I'm not complaining. Allowing myself to rest a lot more this time...sleep when I need to, eat when I feel like it (which isn't often as lost my appetite again..) hopefully it's all paying off! Xx

  • Love the photo you look amazing and hope all goes well for you on the 25th. Xx

  • Thanks Juliette! :) xx

  • You look amazing and hope all goes well for you on the 25th xx

  • Thanks - I felt more like myself this morning after a bad day yesterday & a little walkie in the sunshine was just what I needed :) xx

  • Aaaw you have done brilliant, Sending big hugs xx

  • Well you are one plucky lady to get out but I am delighted things moved for you. Drink plenty of fluids that will help as will prunes in juice and prune juice. I hope you had a nice rest this evening. Take it nice and easy though. Your tummy will be swollen because they put gas into it when operating and the pain can radiate into you back and shoulders. Just take your pain meds when needed, Best wishes

  • Thanks Suzuki...prune juice helped me with the first op & is helping me again now!!

    I had the most awful acute gas pain the first time but this time it's less acute but more 'ongoing'. Definitely more swollen than last time but I'm putting that partly down to the 11cm incision as well as any remaining gas...last time it was all keyhole.

    Definitely resting up this evening. Was back in bed as soon as we got back. Meds have been taken & I'll soon let the tramadol slip me off into a (hopefully) restful slumber! :) xx

  • Lovely pic. Well done you. X

  • Thanks Hun xx

  • Your doing fab, I had peppermint cordial for the wind, it's good to walk, keep going hun x

  • Thanks...I practically live off mint tea...walking really helped last time too. Thanks :) x

  • Wow u look amazing good on you for getting going I'm a big believer in that!!

    Enjoy the rest of ur weekend xx

  • Thank you Alison :) xx

  • Hi

    Avastin brain talking here. Can't remember whether I've ticked to like your photo or not !

    But you look great anyway !

    Just xx

  • Thanks Just :) Hope you're well xx

  • Good luck for 25th xx lovely pic :)

  • Thank you :) xx

  • Looking good! So glad to hear news of your recovery... Very best wishes xxxx

  • Thank you :) xx

  • What a beautiful photo of you both! So glad you're doing things to make your recovery easier.


  • Thanks Suz xx

  • Yep mint tea did the trick and don't hold in the gas, in church or chapel, let it rattle, that was what I was told and I used to take myself off.

    But seriously, you look amazing, so glad you are up and active so soon, long may it continue and echo the best wishes for the 25th

    Carole xxx

  • Thanks Carole, appreciate it 😘 Xx

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