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Hi. I was an active community member briefly in 2008/9. Surgery and chemo was successful and I had almost eight fantastic years before a diagnosis of recurrent ovarian cancer last Summer. Just completed eight cycles of chemo and due to see oncologist on Monday for scan results.

The recurrence came as quite a shock as I'd successfully lived for eight years without letting the thought of its return define my life.

This time, I'm finding it very difficult to come to terms with the prognosis and the uncertainty that brings so any tips would be welcome.

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  • Hi Jo

    Firstly, congratulations on going 8 years!!!

    Secondly, you know that the longer remission the better it is to bat it away again. You did it once and you WILL do it again. Stay positive and keep on doing what you've always done.

    Big hug, Marian x

  • Thank you, Marian, for your support and positive comments. I hadn't absorbed the fact that the longer the remission the more the chance of a second one. Think I need to train my mind to think of the positives.!

    Jo 🙂

  • Hi Jo I sometimes think a recurrence is worst than the original diagnosis especially as you went so long. My original remission was 4.5 years. However you can get through this, I have had two recurrences since diagnosis in 2007 and I am still here to tell the tale, currently in third remission. You will come to terms with it, you will deal with it, just like you did before. Maybe counselling is the way forward for you, it does help. Big Hugs, Kathy xxx

  • Hi Kathy. Thought I'd responded to your supportive words on Saturday morning but as with some of my other replies, the techy gremlins intervened. Will definitely follow your advice re counselling. Many thanks. Jo x

  • Sorry you need to be here again Jo. Hopefully once you've had treatment you will get another long remission..not quite as good I know but worth having xx

  • Thanks Lyndy. I really appreciate your support. Jo x

  • Hi

    I had 3 years which seemed a lot at the time. I think recurrence is worse than initial diagnosis. I just thought why did you come back surely you vacated my body in surgery. You could have another great remission so try to be positive. I'm trying to make another three years just got to get to November 2018 lol

    Sending positive vibes

    LA xx

  • Hi LA Thanks for positive vibes. I am finding that eve though staying positive is so important, it is so hard to do sometimes. The very best of luck for Nov 2018. You can do it!

    Jo 👍

  • Hi Jo,

    The ladies have given good advice,after 8 years it must have hit you hard,but,the longer the remission,the better your chance I have heard.I get resentful even having to go for my checks,so,I would need the lovely ladies here if I re occurred and they always are,so, lean on us,we will get you through.

    Advice would be just be positive,get your mindset that you have another battle you will win,otherwise,what will you do? No choice,don't give up your life as it seems you have enjoyed it,just look at it as a blip,an inconvenience,have a lovely weekend and face it head on next week,

    We are here,

    Carole xx

  • Hi Carole. I really appreciate your supportive words. It's a relief to have found others who understand. My family and friends have been marvellous but being in touch with fellow warriors (good positive word but may take a while to be one!) opens up a new level of support.

    I know what you mean about check ups. The build up to the appointment was always unsettling, bringing back unwanted memories. I couldn't wait to be signed off. My final Gynae check up was only 12 months before the recurrence so may be its better to continue as long as possible despite the accompanying emotions.

    Jo 🙂

  • Good luck Jo (you won't need it)

    Carole xx

  • Welcome back.

    Like the others, I was knocked for 6 when I had my first recurrence after getting on for 3 years. I felt completely unprepared for the possibility and unaware of the statistics. It was much worse than the original diagnosis.

    You do get used living with recurrent disease, even though none of use would choose to have to.

    Hoping your scan results are good and you go on to have another long break. x

  • Hi. Thanks for your welcome and good wishes. It helps to know that others have similar reactions. I've found it quite lonely at times. Good luck.

    Jo 🙂

  • Hi there, let me also congratulate you on your remission and I am sure you will get there again.

    Just a suggestion, I recently read the book DYING TO BE ME by ANITA MOORJANI.. over the years of self awareness books, workshops etc that I have done, never had one so powerful crossed my path..

    with kind regards and ❤️


  • Many thanks, Sandy, will look on Amazon. Jo x

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