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After 8 weeks of being unwell, having a chest drain and two tummy drains done the last being carried out last week, I have eventually started 4th line chemo on Monday consisting of daily chemo for a week with two weeks off. This for six sessions. I got myself really down during the eight weeks but since Monday am pulling myself out of the black hole and starting to think more positively, and let the chemo hopefully put me into remission again. Its good to read the blogs on this site as it makes you appreciate that you are not alone and there is always someone to chat to. Its now three years since I was diagnosed and during remission times have felt very positive and am trying to be now.

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Good Evening Jean

I am sorry you have been through such a rough time. You sound as though you have had to be really tough and brave to get through it. It sounds quite a gruelling chemo regime but you are almost through your first week now. You can relax next week knowing that you have got plenty of the stuff inside you to do its stuff. I hope you can relax - I find its not that easy when you have so much on your mind and so many emotions. Remember you aren't on your own And you are doing really well!!

Much love Sarah


Hi Jean

It's a rough road at times. Gruelling and tiring. Chemo makes you low and takes the fight out of you for awhile, but you are beginning to feel positive and that will increase as the side effects decrease. As Sarah says you are not alone with this wonderful sisterhood. We have strength for each other.

Luv'n'hugs Soapsudsx


A positive attitude helps. The more chemo you have, the harder it becomes to tolerate, but as you know if you fight the chances are that you will win and get into remission again. My oncologist says that there are new drugs popping up literally almost every day and at some stage quite soon ovarian cancer will have the kinds of treatment and survival propects that breast cancer has right now.

Best wishes, Chrissie


I love your Oncologist Chrys ;-)


Oh Chrys - tell your oncologist to feel the love! 'cos I love whoever it is too..


Hi Jean,

Glad you are feeling more positive although I know at times even that is a day to day or hour to hour battle. I am sure you have the trick of short-term treats to look forward to nailed by now, so keep your eyes fixed on that! Willing you through...

Love Lizzie



Hello jean,

You just hang on in there again, you have done it before and can do it again.

We are all with you, you just lean on us.

Take care. x


Yeah, Jean! I echo the thoughts of the other ladies. Good luck in your fight and just believe what the oncologist says. There are so many developments being made all the time. I'm sending lots of positive vibes to you

Love, Wendy xx


Thank you all for your support its good to know you are not alone. Have got through my first week of daily chemo, and must admit I feel better than I did prior to starting treatment. Looking much more positive knowing the chemo is attacking my oc. Looking forward to getting out and about again and getting on with my life once the side effects have worn off. Thank you all. Jean xx


Hi Jean. You are an inspiration. Having had such a gruelling time and now on a intensive chemo regine it must take a lot of courage and determination to stay positive. As all the ladies say we are thinking of you and willing you to benefit from the chemo.

love Angela


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