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She’s nearly 60!!!


Hi my lovelies,

Well let me take you back 3 and a half years....

It was March 2015 ironically Friday the 13th!! My special person was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, the same shit that killed her mum.... she’s in the doctors office with her son and they hear those horrid words, It’s cancer!! Obviously our worlds broke in millions of pieces, her son asks how long the reply 6 months at the most with chemo. ‘When is your birthday?’ ‘September’ the idiot replied ‘bring it forward’!! He had such high hopes!!! So she’s sent home with the you’ll be dead soon feeling.... a couple of weeks later we meet her oncologist for her initial appointment and get dates for chemo (you ladies know the story) chemo starts 3 months later half way scan, sorry we can’t operate it’s likely we won’t the cancer isn’t shrinking as much as we’d like 3 months later we have another scan after all the chemo we’re back at the original idiots office, the look on his face was an absolute picture to say he was shocked was an understatement he expected her to be in her grave ages ago anyway she has surgery and is out of hospital after her dramas of course we’re told yay she’s NED go live your life which she does for 6 months bang she’s back on chemo fast forward another year (6 months of it being dormant) round 3 of chemo after she has Niraparib sweet another 11 months of chill pill CA125 goes up and we’re on more chemo which brings us to todayish SHE’s 60 on Saturday ironically told she won’t get there! On chemo -yes but still here pissing the whole world off good for her!!!

Anyone who wants to raise a glass to her on Saturday please do so!!! Her cake will say MADE IT TO 60 !!

Sorry for the long post, but happy days either way xxx

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To you both.

Best wishes

Happy Birthday on Saturday to a very special lady Lorraine💙💙 xx

Wow! What a journey. I get rather angry when I hear that people have been told, you've got six months, a year, two weeks, etc etc. I know these doctors think they are divine, but they are not. One or two of them around the world won't make it past the week, they just don't know it yet. To start a new day with the weight of imminent death must be the worst torture to face. Every doctor should be banned from making such predictions. I really do hope that doesn't happen to me. I want the truth but I don't need a sell by date. I'll decide when that will be as best I can.

I shall indeed toast your lovely lady on Saturday, be it with wine or intravenously with lemon and cream drip. Every day is NOT a bonus - it is a right to live. Enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxx

I miss alcohol but am of course raising a glass to you and my dear friend 🥂🎂 May there be many more birthdays to come! From one written off OC patient to another

LA xx

Happy 60th to your special friend!🎉May she have many more to come xxx

Happy 60th to your friend! It sounds like the cancer is a bit afraid of her. Lol

Happy birthday. Have a wonderful day.x

Happy Birthday to her and love to you for everything you do . My doc asked if I wanted a prognosis at initial meet , I said “sometime but not now “ it’s not been mentioned again . XxJulia

Ill be raising a glass! Many many happy returns to your special person. Ill be celebrating my 60th at the end of the year, not bad considering I shouldnt be here either! xx

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I'll be 60 end of November too!xxxDawn!🌻😀🌻


Fabulous post. Happy 60th Birthday. I hope you all have an amazing day 🥂

A very happy birthday to your Special One🍾🎁🎂. I had a similarly cheerful oncologist, who suggested I should celebrate my 70th birthday on my 69th. I'll be 71 next month and still here, 3.5 years after diagnosis, leading a full and active life! Incidentally, I changed my oncologist! 😊. Have a great party and may there be many more🥂 xx

Have a super day 🍷🍷🍾🍾🍾❤️❤️❤️ So happy you proved him wrong xx

Happy Birthday Special One. Hope you all have a fabulous day. Love Jo 🌺🌸🌸🌻🌹🥂🥂

Congratulations on this joyous milestone!

I just can’t believe that, in this day and age, doctors have the presumption to make that sort of prediction. I refused to ask, and so far no one has made an unsolicited guess. They need to understand how those few words can affect the psyche and make the whole experience negative, which in turn, in my opinion, makes recovery harder.

Have a great time celebrating your special person’s birthday - I’ll raise a glass (probably water) on Saturday to her and to you.

Best wishes, Ali x

Brilliant!! We share a birthday it’s mine on 22nd too I’ll be 56 and I too am determined to see my 60th so well done to your special person! Started first line on my birthday last year and will finish second line on 24th this year! You’ve gotta love OC birthday treats!

So a very big Happy birthday I will raise a glass to you as I celebrate mine and let’s hope we both get a long remission as the biggest present xx

Congratulations 🎂🎂🍾🍾🥂🥂

Cheers and congratulations! Always remember how strong our bodies can be, no matter what the doctors say!

Happy Birthday to your special lady. I'm sorry she had such dreadful care- I thought waiting 2 months for my op was pretty terrible.

Happy birthday to your Special Person for Saturday and many more to come. 🥂🥂💐

Love to you both and her son. Solange xxx

Wishing your special person a wonderful birthday 🍾🍾💐xx

Amazing! 🎂🍾💜 Happy 60th to your special person and causing havoc with stupid statistics!

Love to you both

Madeline. (4.3 years’ survivor since 2014)

Cheers to her 65th....all of us will be around in 2023 toasting!


I will certainly be raising a glass to you both on Saturday. Your special persons story just goes to prove how wrong they can be and whilst we’re all pleased they know the treatments we’re not thrilled they keep on churning out an inaccurate poor prognosis to lots of people and removing hope.

Tell your special person to keep on doing what she’s doing and to enjoy herself along the way.

Happy birthday for Saturday, big birthday celebrations for you both 🥂🎂🚓❤️Xx Jane

Have the best day ever!!! 🥂🍰🎂🎈🌈 xx

Just to let you all know we saw her oncologist today and her CA125 is now 16!!!! Even better for her birthday 🎁 🎂 xxxxx

Thank you all so much 😊 she will have a fantastic day! We’re gonna go up to Bath for the day so she’ll enjoy that as she loves that city! I’ve got a bottle of something in the cupboard from my birthday so I’ll open that to celebrate 🎊 🎉 xxxx

Congratulations xxx it just shows we have to take figures with a pinch of salt, long may she go on ‘busting’ the statistics xxx

Abßolutely thrilled for her and you, hope she is coping with the Chemo again!! I will definitely raise a glass or two on Sat. Chris

Happy 60th birthday for Sat 🍸💐🍰, have a wonderful day, I was originally dx March 16, I’ll never forget thinking I am only 57 it can’t be cancer, I am back on 2nd line treatment and have my big 60 this November.

Hugs Ellsey xx

Me too!xxxDawn!🌻😀🌻

I too can't have alcohol but l wish you a very happy birthday,go for it girl.😀

Great post, cheers. Love to you all. Bridie

Happy Birthday! 👑 I will raise a glass to you all. Water too I'm afraid due to 2nd line. I am always shocked by the language that is used by some individuals we have the misfortune to encounter. Fantastic to hear your special person proved that ....... to be a complete .... .

Cheers. Enjoy Bath it's lovely


So very glad to hear she's soon turning 60 and has defied the odds! We need to hear hopeful stories that encourage us all to battle this disease with all our energies intact! I'll drink to both your healtg next Saturday! Xxx


Amazing I will definitely raise a glass on Saturday? Have a fab day

Great news happy Birthday 🍰 and many more to come xoxo 😚

Wonderful! I'm 60 end of this year too!xxxDawn!🌻😀🌻

I will happily raise a glass to toast your special lady! Happy 60th and heres to many many more!

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