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ATARI trial my update

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Hi all. Two months ago I posted about the ATARI trial and that my scan showed my tumours had halved or was hardly measurable.

Today I got the results of my second scan and have been told there is no measurable disease .

Whilst my tumours were only small I’m really pleased it’s worked so quickly and hope it continues 🤞🏻.

I’ve had a few dose reductions and a couple of blood transfusions and now feel my dose is stable and will continue on the trial.

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Yay! That’s really good news!

Excellent news. Enjoy the summer!


Wow this is fantastic news.

This is incredible news; I’m so happy for you!

That's great news . X

Fantastic news, keep up the good work. Sue xx

That's great news x

Fabulous news!!! Xxx my mums been treated for recurrent endometrial cancer. Had first line chemo and is now on a trial drug of Atezolizumab for two years. She on exactly the same position as you. No measurable disease… we are hoping very much this will stay this way …. Are you in the same trial drug? Do you know what the plan is afrter the trial drug period? We haven’t really been told what happens after the 2 year trial. Lots of love xxxx

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Starbarn in reply to PPSCENE

Hi ppscene . This trial is for clear cell endometrial cancer. It consists of ceralasertib for 7 days and 28 day olaparib . My understanding is I will stay on the trial until it no longer works or my body can no longer tolerate it. There in no time period /cut off.

Hi great news. Tell us about the trial please

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Starbarn in reply to Ruebacelle

Hi ruebacelle . This trial is for clear cell cancer. It is being trialled in France and Canada as well as the uk . It’s a phase 2 trial and administered in daily tablets . It’s supported by cancer research and Astra zenica .

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Ruebacelle in reply to Starbarn

Ah so no go for those of us with solid tumors but vrry excited for you. Hugs from paris

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Starbarn in reply to Ruebacelle

Who can take part

You may be able to join this trial if you have one of the following cancers that has continued to get worse or came back after treatment (recurred):

ovarian cancer clear cell

endometrial cancer clear cell

endometriosis related clear cell

ovarian endometrioid

endometrial endometrioid

cervical cancer adenocarcinoma or squamous cell

ovarian carcinosarcoma

endometrial carcinosarcoma

This is copied from cancer research

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Ruebacelle in reply to Starbarn

Thanks i will look into it.

Fantastic news xxx

Great news!! Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic news, so happy for you! Xxxxx

Love hearing good news. So happy for you 👍💜💜

Hi Starburn Thank you for taking time to let us all know how you are getting on. This is such fabulous news It is so encouraging that advances in Treatment are happening all the time I am so pleased for you

Excellent news. So happy for you.

Wonderful news , so happy for you. Donna 😊

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