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Trial Update

After 18 weeks on the Compakt drug trial unfortunately my scans from Tuesday are showing increased disease and my CA125 has gone up to 71. Having worked initially , the drug combination is now no longer working and I have stopped the trial. As ever I have no symptoms from the cancer and so never know when I go for my scan results whether it will be good news or bad news. I was so disappointed. Fortunately, the Royal Marsden team have come up with another trial for me to try - an anti-folate drug. It is another phase 1 trial and involves an hour-long weekly IV treatment.

Gutted that the parp inhibitor/AKT inhibitor combination didn't work for very long but so pleased that they can offer me something else. I will need to have a washout period and will start the new trial on 20 October.

Meanwhile I am feeling very well and have some nice things planned for the next few weeks - spa trip to Champneys end of Sept, trip to Pitlochry mid October, giving my first presentation about hereditary ovarian and breast cancer (to 165 people - scary but great!) on 18 Oct, and spending lots of cuddly time with my new grandson.

Best wishes to you all.



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Dear Sharon

Thanks, as always, for the update. I'm so disappointed for you that the parp inhibitor/AKT inhibitor combination didn't work for you but heartened there's another trial coming along that you can join. You have the most incredible reserves of strength and will and that must carry you through. I think it's fantastic you have some treats and 'me time' planned, as well as time to promote awareness of hereditary ovarian and breast cancer. The idea of addressing an audience of 165 is quite daunting but I have no doubt at all that you will be brilliant and your talk will help many other women in your shoes.

Are you allowed visitors when you're having your weekly treatments? If you're well enough I'd happily pop in. It would be a good chance to have a look round the research facilities in Sutton and work out how feasible that would be for me when I get to a certain point in my treatment plan. I'm sure your experience, your determination and your 'can-do' approach will be a great inspiration.

Love Annie xxx


Sharon , how disappointing but also great that they have another option for you . I'm sure that your resilient spirit will shine through and I bet that little grandson is just lovely . Good luck with the presentation , sure you will be great as the topic is just so important to you xxxx


Sorry that the trial drug has stopped working but great that there is another one you can try on the horizon, at least there are some options and we just never know which one will be the one unless we try - well done you for your determination and will. Big hugs as always Amanda x


I am sorry your trial has stopped but hopefully the new trial will work better for you, in the meantime, you are right to plan some treats. You seem very strong and focused and I admire your strength


Dear Sharon, good luck with your presentation let us know how it went, I'm sure many of the ladies on here (myself included) would like know, good luck again for Tuesday xx


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