Avastin - Blood Pressure Update - Frustrated: Want a Fix Yesterday - LOL

Avastin - Blood Pressure Update - Frustrated: Want a Fix Yesterday - LOL


Just giving one an update and if you would like, feel free to chime in and add your opinion. So a few weeks ago I posted that I received my second dose of Avastin and it, apparently, shot my BP up. I have never had BP issues before in my life!! I have taken atenenol 25 mg (beta blocker) for 20+ years for a very mild mitral valve prolapse! I have always maintained an incredible pressure 120/80 but now it is in the 150's and 160's over the high 80's or 90's. I have made several trips to the cardiologist and he said "slow to go" because he does not want to plummet my blood pressure to the point I faint. So the original regiment was my atenenol and we added a low dose of Diovan-HCTZ (contained a diuretic), which he needed to watch my sodium and potassium levels because of the diuretic portion of the BP pill. The next week I went back and my pressure was doing slightly better but we want it down so we added Procardia (I think 30mg; not sure) extended release. This BP med is another beta blocker. Another week goes by and my pressure is still not to where we need it to be so the doctor thought at first we would double the diovan but he got back my blood test. The Diovan shot my sodium down and slightly raised my potassium. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!!! So two days ago I started Doxazosin because this med is an alpha blocker that specificially targets your BP.

Alpha Medications work by keeping the hormones of norepinephrine or noradrenaline at bay. Thus, it can lead to a smoother blood flow through open veins. The Beta Blockers, meanwhile, works by blocking the hormone called epinephrine or better known as adrenaline. This hormone often causes increased heart rates that can lead to increased blood pressure levels. The Beta medication prevents this from happening. Alpha blockers simply work to lower blood pressure and increase the blood flow to the heart while the Beta medications work in slowing the heart rate at the same time lowering BP rates.

So I am really venting my frustration and was just wondering if anyone else has been frustrated with an ordeal similar to this one? My doctor, who is a cardiologist, explained to me that we need to find the mix of meds that will work best for someone going through treatment. He is slow to go because if you go too fast you will not truly know the correct reading of your pressure. It takes time but I want things done yesterday - LOL LOL...

I am open to all opinions, suggestions or just a kick in the ass!!!!! LOL



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  • Nancy, I haven't experienced this (so far!) so don't have any wisdom to offer. It does seem as if your cardiologist is following you closely though. I'm sorry you're going through this and hope they get the drug combination to work soon. Let us know how you get on.

    Hugs! D

  • Hi Dee,

    My pressure before was 145/84. I closed my eyes and thought about my daughter having a baby. Mind you, she's not even pregnant. In fact, she's a newlywed. LOL LOL. It helped me relax!!!



  • Blood pressure can be complex to start off with it is difficult to get a match to work. I am on bp tabs and I was lucky it has never raised during Avastin, I am on Nebilet, Coversyl and burinex for years. Dont get disheartened because I had the same problem years ago when going on meds but eventually got those to suit me

  • Thank you so much for your kindness. I appreciate you sharing your BP history!!!

    Chin up, right???

    Thank you,



  • Hi Nancy

    Yes I've had BP issues on Avastin. I am now on 10mg amlodipine and 8mg candesartan and it's still not really down but they say it's 'acceptable ' . I got side effects with each med as the dose went up...kept asking for beta blockers but GP wont prescribe them.

    It's a real pain and I am now thinking that I will stop Avastin after 15 cycles.

    Hope you get yours sorted xx

  • Thanks Lyndy!!! I've even noticed my feet, at times, look puffy. The diovan-hctz, after two weeks, screwed with my sodium and dropped it so that was stopped and now doxasosin!! Today is day three so fingers crossed!!! Thank you for your input!!!



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