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Complex ovary cyst

Hey everyone, hope all is well! I'm a 49 year old type 1 insulin dependent diabetic been in menopause for almost 3 years now no spotting for the last two months I've been back and forth to the hospital check up after check up couldn't go through with the mri as I was too scared so I had a contrast ct scan which came bk normal my ca125 levels came back normal but my right ovary has a 6cm complex cyst i asked the consultant straight up do I have the c word she replied with we won't know what it is till it's out But it's contained which is a good thing? I was book for having my ovaries removed tomorrow but got a call from the hospital saying bed shortage I now need to wait till February which is annoying as I'm nervous as it is anyone had a similar experience?

I've been suffering from panic attacks ever since

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I had a mass they could not clearly define on a scan they didn't know if it was ovaries or some other origin so from April till June my diagnosis was suspected cancer my ca125 was 795 so that was taken as indicative of Oc but learned that ca125 could be raised for other reasons.... so the wait is stressful and you do worry but worrying is not going to change anything ... try to relax and do things you enjoy 😊


Thank you for replying ❤I hope you feel better, I feel like I'm over reacting but I've always suffered from panic attacks and this just made things worse for me dealing with my diabetes is one thing but having to deal with this and that is so stressful I hope you feel better soon ❤

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I have diabetes too and it was an extra complication but I coped with it as you do and panic attacks which are awful I taught myself a breathing technique to calm down but my heart still races and it's scary .... your not over reacting it's the worse time not knowing what's going on and what is going to happen next it will all become easier once you have a diagnosis... in meantime the ladies on here are fab 🤗


Hi there and welcome (although sorry you find yourself here). Firstly, try not to panic (easier said than done i know). CA-125 being normal is a good sign. The fact the 'cyst' looks 'contained' is also, a very good sign. Ordinarily, a consultant would want to do a laparoscopic cystectomy (basically, a small keyhole operation to remove the cyst) which will then be sent for testing (this is very standard procedure) but seeing as you are already booked in for surgery to have your ovaries removed, I'm guessing the little blighter will be removed at the same time. Once you've had the op and the 'cyst' has been looked at properly, they will be able to determine what, if anything, they/you are dealing with.

It is more than likely just a benign cyst and nothing to worry about. In some small cases (like mine) it may be a 'Borderline ovarian tumour'. This isn't full blown cancer (otherwise known as having a 'Low Malignant Potential') and in most cases (especially if contained to one area, which yours seems to be) needs no further treatment. In other cases, it may be something that needs additional treatment. That's basically all the cards on the table. But it's important not to waste too much emotional energy worrying when it it more than likely something that will just be whipped out at the same time as everything else and that will be the end of it. Having to wait until Feb, although frustrating, should not affect anything (if they were really worried, they'd be getting you in quick smart). So try to use all of those POSITIVE facts, to help settle those panic attacks.

Wishing you well hun & try to relax a little.

Jemima xx


Thank you so much for replying and for ur kind words sorry you have to go through it :-( the hospital called me and I'm now having it tomorrow 7am hoping I can come home the same day fingers crossed how did you feel after surgery I'm dreading the pain how was ur bg control? Xx


Hi and same here in as much as my cancer wasn't diagnosed until after my surgery when the full Pathology report came through. There are lots of indicators that can suggest either benign or not however you will need the surgery to make sure! My CA was only 30 but I had many other indicators, over 50, multiple masses, solid and with thicker internal walls etc however they still couldn't say yes or no for certain and surgery is usually the most accurate way to confirm. There is a lot of waiting I'm afraid, as you say you are prone to panic attacks I don't know what coping strategies you've used In the past, but it may help,you to try and find something that you can do or say when you feel one coming on. (I know that easier said than done X) Keeping calm can help in these circumstances and lessen the stresses which are both mental and can be physical (teeth clenching, stomach cramps, hyperventilating etc).

This is a good place to talk though too. I'm sorry your surgery is being delayed and hope you can stay as positive as possible

Take care

Clare xx


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