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Hi I've just got a lil question. I had my op in September, part of my incision didn't heal properly and it ended up that my body was rejecting the internal stitch so my nurse managed to pull it out which helped. Now though it's still not healed I know that's probably because of chemo. Now though further along my scar it's got really red ad itchy.its sore to touch mentioned it to my cns nurse and she said it could be more internal stitchs being rejected and trying to push there self out. Just wondering if anyone else had anything similar and if so what happened. I've got 2 more chemo cycles left but it's starting to be really sore. Thanks in advance

Leianne x

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  • Hiya,

    I have exactly the same problem! It's really sore and very uncomfortable 😣.. I am going to ask if they could somehow remove them as it's getting more uncomfortable, I'm seeing my oncologist next week and will ask then .. I have my last chemo on the 26th and hoping to have my ileostomy reversed after this, wondering if they may wait until then to hopefully remove the remaining internal stitches.

    You are not alone !!!

    Much love ❤️

    Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie, how long do you have to wait after chemo to have the iliostomy reversed? Mine is causing me so much pain and I haven't even started chemo yet.

  • Good morning..

    well, I'm yet to find out a date . The bowel surgeon said as soon as treatment finishes, as I said previously my last chemo is on the 26th of this month.. I don't think I could wait much longer , these stitches are so painful 😖.. I did mention it to the oncologist last time I visited just before my last chemo, she didn't really seem that interested to be honest, however my stoma nurse said that they would cause pain and discomfort and would try and work their way out!! She was right, it's very painful.. Think I'll make an appointment to see the GP today .. when will you find out when your next chemo is ?

    Keep your pecker up !! 😁

    Much love ❤️

    Jackie xx

  • I think I start chemo at the end of January. Noone seems sympathetic about reversing the iliostomy. I have red raw skin around the stoma and the stoma nurse didn't turn up to help me. I had to rip off the sticky washer 6 times one night because it leaked all over before I could get the bag on. Then the stoma suddenly shrunk again one night and I had to cut a new profile all on my own-was in tears.

  • Aw my god !! Bless you .. it's a right bloody nightmare isn't it .. mine is constantly on the go , and out put is so liquid.. it's never empty !!!

    I'll keep you updated on events , but just to say , my skins around the site was actually bleeding where it was so sore .. stoma nurse recut my bag and applied stoma cream which I have on prescription.. ask your doctor to prescribe some , it really helps ..

    Lots of love ❤️

    Jackie xx

  • Gosh you poor things! I hope you both get things sorted as that all sounds horribly uncomfortable! No words of advice from me i'm afraid as after my second op, my incision was very hard and lumpy but nowhere near as sore as what you are describing (clearly my body wasn't rejecting the stitches) and i found massaging it every evening with some Neils Yard Remedies Wild Rose balm really helped break down the scar tissue. Thinking of you both, Jemima xx

  • That really sounds sore ladies, I am so sorry but maybe the stoma cream would help. Perhaps your practice nurse might be able to assist either of you when in trouble or the stoma nurse. They should be more helpful and reassuring than what they seem.

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