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Lady care magnet & chemo & surgical menopause

Hi ladies I was wondering if anyone had experience with the lady care magnet that's used to try to manage symptoms of surgical menopause .

I'm suffering with hot flushes every 45 minutes and boy at night I wake in a cold sweat 6-7 times .

I've tried a lot of things avaliable on the market . I'm currently on carboplatin so onc won't start me on HRT ...

anyone ever used this device ?

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I have not used it. I took a look at the web site. I find no science, no evidence. Not only do they skirt around HOW it works - they don't really explain WHAT it is. Also, if it really worked as they claim (they walk a fine line of illegal claims by stating "everyone is different"), your doctor would recommend it, and your insurance company would pay for it!

It is my opinion this company is preying on women desperate to treat the side effects of menopause. Shame on them. Save your money.

Sorry about the symptoms you are having. I had natural menopause, not surgically induced. I can only imagine what it's like for you, although I had some pretty intense hot flashes for a while. I layered clothing and my bed. Make sure the fabrics breathe (natural fabrics like cotton - silk is nice but when it is wet it is rough!) Still sleep with a fan on (I got one with a remote to go up or down without getting out of bed) I believe it will get better for you, hang in there!

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Hi Deidre a fan at night aimed at your head/neck is a good thing,I don't wake up now with them,just have a dry mouth (probably have it open)!😳 But nothing that a bottle of water can't solve!

Carole xxx


The magnets are alleged to work on the ovaries, if yours have been removed then there's no point trying this and I believe they're around £25.00 so expensive too. I think it's probably a gimmick. Unfortunately the flushes are there for a while. They do eventually lessen in intensity. It's just another delight we girls have to deal with. Hope you improve very soon. ❤xx Jane

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Dont be taken in by gimmicks that say they sort everything because mostly they dont. Unfortunately people who are vunerable are always targeted by all these tactics who main ambition is not to help but to make money



I did some research and found a post on Mumsnet about them. Some of the ladies on there raved about them and found them incredibly helpful. If you don't find it too expensive, you've got nothing to lose from giving it a try. I considered it, but haven't found hot flushes too much of a problem.

Yosh x

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I tried it, but didn't find it made any difference. Others here have found them helpful though, so provided you can afford it you won't do any harm by trying. Nothing wrong with a good placebo effect if it works for you!


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I have one and would not be withoutvitvit has worked.

Even my partner who is a sceptic notices the difference if ai take it off. He Ames me ' have you taken your magnet off?'.

Friends of mine has also tried it after recommendation from me and it has worked for them.

I was a total sceptic to begin with but I was so desperate I would try anything and I also did a lot of research on it.

It worked for me.


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