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Surgical menopause

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Hi ladies any tips on managing symptoms of surgical menopause ? I'm really suffering with hot flushes . Night sweats are getting worse waking drenched in sweat πŸ’¦ every 1.5 hours so sleep really poor !!! Due to start carboplatin on Tuesday ... :( feeling pretty rubbish at the minute πŸ˜…

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Hi I was the same and asked my oncologist if he could recommend something to try and at least reduce the hot flushes, as I was due to start chemo (carbo/taxol) he wasn't keen for me to take anything but evening primrose oil, but to be honest it didn't help me. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, maybe some of the ladies on this site will have other suggestions. Take care



Coxsar in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply .. it's awful isn't it the symptoms ... on the plus side I will save on the gas bill πŸ˜‚ House is freezing windows open dressed for summer ... good job hubby works outside so doesn't feel the cold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hidden in reply to Coxsar

This is true πŸ˜‚ I used to dress in layers so I could start taking clothes off πŸ˜‚

I haven't found anything that really helped either I'm afraid. I used to be chilly at night and we had a king size quilt plus I had my side of our electric blanket switched on! Now we have a lightweight double quilt - hubby rarely feels the cold - and I spend a lot of the night throwing it off then pulling it back.

I sleep,with a soft towel on my pillowcase (have done for ages) and at least when I sweat I know I can dry my face off!!! Sometimes I've been drenched and have kept another towel nearby so that I could just reach for it and wrap it over me to wipe dry without really waking up. Oh the joys!! Since my hubby bought me a FitBit it tells me just how many times I'm awake and restless each night!

I've kept the electric blanket on the bed as it helps when my knees are hurting!!! I've suffered with quite bad pain occasionally and the heat can help.

Sorry there's nothing I found of any help, I have tried different things too

Take care

Clare xx

Coxsar in reply to Choski

Hi yes I've got a towel on pillow & bed sheet where I sleep .

It's awful isn't it ?

My husband works outside so doesn't feel the cold . My bedroom is like an ice block and I wake up drenched and cold at the same time , it's really affecting my sleep as it can be 5 times a night πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Choski in reply to Coxsar

Yes the cold plus heat together is weird isn't it.. I can't wait for it to stop


Coxsar in reply to Choski

I hope it's not to long πŸ˜‚X

I know you'll all think I'm crazy but here goes anyway...... ;-)

I've found that sleeping with my feet out of the bed really really helps. I wear a onesie and have a thin blanket to pull on/off as needed but it seems as long as my feet are cool the night sweats are not as bad. During the day I normally wear sandals (no socks) but now the weathers changed I started wearing socks and boots and immediately the flushes started to intensify. It's weird but I think my feet must be my thermostat. I'm also taking Anastrozole (estrogen suppressant) and find taking them in an evening reduces the flushes.


Coxsar in reply to Lost4Words

I'm going to try my feet out of the bed tonight πŸ˜‚Thank you x

Choski in reply to Lost4Words

Right, tonight it's feet out and a light blanket! All in for this one with fingers crossed!!!!

Thank you πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

Clare xx

Choski in reply to Lost4Words

Feet out helped!!! I had to get used to not pulling them in but I'm sure it did help. Thank you πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’

Lost4Words in reply to Choski

It's really weird and I can't explain how or why but glad it worked for you too :-) I try to keep my feet cool at all times and it really does seem to help reduce the flushes, avoid hot baths too. I look a bit odd wandering round in flip-flops in winter but he-ho if it brightens someones day!! ;-)

jmackmom in reply to Lost4Words

Yes. The feet are a big key to comfort. I also have socks I take off and put back on.

I havent taken anything as I was uncomfortable taking anything that messed around with my hormones.

I've found the flushes started to reduce over the last few weeks (surgery was two years ago). In summer I laid on a towel and stuck my leg out of the quilt. In winter less bothersome as quitegood way to warm up!! Fatigue and muscle aches not welcome at all though.

Biggest positive impact I found was cutting out sugar and caffeine. Also trying to stay as active as possible, e.g. Yoga, walking. Although I find some yoga positions trigger a flush.

Also I tell myself it'll pass quickly when I feel it coming.

Coxsar in reply to katfish

Thank you I will try your suggestions ... I'm only 3 weeks post op so can't imagine this lasting 2 years omg 😲 I feel for you xx

katfish in reply to Coxsar

I'd not really thought about the 2 years thing. If I'm honest menopause has bothered me significantly less than other things. My periods were a nightmare from the very first day I started having them. I remember my mother taking me to the doctors after a few months of starting them because she didn't think they were right. But at that time the doc said tough, that's just how they'll be for me. I think my mother was right as throughout my life I've found out what other people's periods are/were like and have been astounded at the difference.

I have to admit that the joy of never having a period again has been sufficient for me to accept the quirks of post menopausal life. I suppose there's a similarity to some of the other comments on here, that you just roll with it when it comes. Waking up in the night is annoying, but that aspect certainly wasn't an issue for all of those 2 years. Hot flushes daily yes, but the night flushes did settle fairly quickly and were only problematic occasionally in the summer.

I'm also relieved that I didn't have any of the peri-menopausal issues such as irregular periods. Whilst my periods were a nightmare in every other way I have to say that their regularity was pretty good, one of the reasons I could spot the ovulation pain pre diagnosis. I don't think I'd have coped with that aspect alongside all the other rubbish.

Hi Hun, can't offer any advice (although can sympathise with night sweats as even though not in surgical menopause I suffer these from time-2-time). I just wanted to wish you luck for the start of your chemo. ((Hugs)) Jemima x

Coxsar in reply to Mrs_Atko

Thank you I'm not afraid to say I'm scared but looking forward to the future with optimism xx

hi i have been in " surgical menopause" of " just another bonus gift" asi like to call it since july 15 after my hysterical-ectomy for OC!!

on the hot flush front i have acupuncture which i have to say appears to work it doesnt get rid of them but certainly calms them down , my acupuncturist has managed to find the right areas to stick pins in she has even managed to alleviate them by time !!! ( bonkers i know!!) as i was having one every morning at 9/10 and every evening at 7.30!! as well as throughout tge day and night

i have been told of a pillow called chillow which works but not tried it myself and i also find stress makes them worse if i can go with it when it hits it feels like it passes quicker !!

hope that helps x

Coxsar in reply to claire50

Hi yes I have been looking at acupuncture but was waiting to see if I could have it while going through chemo which I start this coming Tuesday ... my hot flushes are getting worse and I'm having quite a few in the day but night time it's seems to be around every 2. Hours πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ˜…πŸ˜… .

Perthgirl in reply to Coxsar

Coxsar, I am having twice weekly acupuncture during my weekly chemo sessions and it is not only helping the hot flushes, it is also very calming. Also, buy a few cheap fans like our Grans used to use and keep them close by to cool off a little quicker!! Hope you find something that helps soon!

Choski in reply to claire50

hysterical-ectomy - LOVE THAT PHRASE!! Made me laugh out loud, thank you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Cropcrop in reply to claire50

Just love the hysterical-ectomy, awesome term, really made me πŸ˜‚ ❀️xx

i started accupuncture after chemo so not sure about that, try the breathing and going with the flush i know it sounds bonkers and beleive me when i am in m and s shopping and one hits and i am stripping off the last thing i want to do is breathe and go with it but i do find it helps !! why i have no idea

the other thing that was highly recommended to me by my oncologist was prozac as a side effect of it is to get rid of hot flushes but i couldnt take it due to other medication interactions so maybe that could help

hope there is something of use there x

A friend uses a chillow..have you heard of them? It's a pillow you can put in the fridge xx


Hi, I am on this forum cozy my mum has stage 4b ovarian cancer and came for advice. But I have breast cancer and went through the menopause after my chemotherapy. My breast care nurse advised the following for hot flushes and it really helps.

Cut out caffeine, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol. These are my favourite things but it really reduced the hot flushes specially at night. If we have a curry I know I will suffer that night but my word sometimes a girl just needs chocolate and wine.

On my breast cancer care forum the ladies there also talked about a product called a chillow pillow which you can buy online it's about Β£30 this keeps you cool all night and is a soft product not plastic.

If any of you ladies need any more help visit and there is a section on there called "Going through treatment" then choose "Hormone Therapy" and there are lots of threads about menopause due to hormone therapy.

I have had lots of help from you ladies regarding my mum so hope I can help by telling you about my forum as we go through the hormone therapy too.


Cropcrop in reply to Hidden

Good luck with your breast cancer and also hope your mum is doing ok too. It's good to know other ladies with different illnesses have similar issues as we do and that we are not alone in this. Sending you both big hugs and lots of love ❀️XxπŸŽ„

I thankfully haven't been bothered too much with the menopause symptoms however I now follow a plant based diet with no processed foods, no dairy and no sugar. When I'm more relaxed with diet my symptoms increase. For example I was baking for a coffee morning and testing all my cakes my flushes increased from one maybe every couple of days to about 6 per day. I had assumed that it was the menopause kicking in but the flushes stopped once my diet went back my norm. So sugar had a huge impact for me.

Also love acupuncture and yoga

Hope you find something that works for you

Kind regards


This is all very interesting, I had slight post op flushes as I was already post menopausal before my surgery, and then nothing, bliss!, but now 2 years post chemo I'm starting to have 'sweats' (I know that only horses sweat and we ladies glow, but I must be a horse because I bloomin well sweat πŸ˜‚) They are at random times during the day and are a particular delight during the night. Could be due to the weather being very mild for mid December but will mention it at next appointment with my consultant.

Borage oil is supposed to help with flushes, it's a stronger form of evening primrose oil, I took it during the menopause and it helped me. But do check with your consultant before taking anything.

Isn't life vicious? You do all the treatments and surgery then it decides to take away the lovely things like coffee, chocolate & wine too πŸ·πŸ«β˜•οΈ, we are strong though and we will prevail with or without our yummy goodies. Here's to a warm and healthy Christmas 😊 ❀️XxπŸŽ„

Hi - hot flushes have been my worst menopause symptom and I also do the feet outside the bed thing! Cutting down on caffeine has helped and I've noticed it's worse if I have sugar. I have regular reiki healing which seems to help and I am due to start a course of acupuncture in February which my clinical nurse referred me for - hoping this can still go ahead as I'm about to start chemo again for a recurrence!

Hi, I'm not sure how recent your surgery was but I remember ( after both surgeries) the flushes were bad but did start to settle down after a week or two. Must say though, after each chemo ( carbo/ taxol), due 3rd on Friday, I have a couple of days/ nights of hot flushes but again settling down after a few days. I don't know what to suggest but I try and drink lots of fluids and keep an eye on what I eat. It's awful for all of us to have to cope with menopause on top of everything else.

All the best with chemo on Tuesday.

Hope your symptoms ease very soon.



I am the same as you, went into surgical menopause in October and on 2nd cycle of Carboplatin now. I found that cutting out caffeine during the day helped reduce the flushes and sweats at night! Also found last night that I need to cut out mulled wine πŸ·πŸ˜‚. Worth it though 😍 X

I bought one of those 12inch desk fans and aim it at my head/neck summer and winter and find I hardly ever wake up during the night now.Once you get used to the slight noise, it really helps

Carole xx

I can recommend a couple of things that have worked for me! Or at least reduce things a lot.

This ladycare magnet..

I was getting desperate just like you and I cannot take any hormones as too risky for me. So on doing some research, I found this and there were so many amazing reviews about it, I thought I would try it. I would not usually try anything like this but I was in need of anything...

And it really does work for me...if I take it off the flushes get far worse again. You can read more reviews on Amazon.

The other thing that helped me was acupuncture. You can apply for a Macmillan a Grant which will cover the costs.

I hope this helps as I know how awful it can be.


A GP friend recommended that I avoid all caffeine. I drink water or decaf green tea and this reduced the number of hot flushes I take. Worth a try. Ann x

Hi, I had surgery on the 27th Sept and I also suffer with terrible hot sweats and joint pain. I read about ladycare which is a magnet which is suppose to help, I have started wearing it and it helps a little as they aren't so intense. It advises to wear it 24/7 for at least a month before you see full benefits and continue wearing. For joint pain I take vitamin D. Xx

Hi - I had very bad hot flushes after my surgery and my oncologist started me on Fluoxetine ( Prozac) 20mgs daily. It really helped. She told me that they routinely prescribe it for breast cancer patients. I would recommend it good luck

Maggie x.

I went into immediate surgical menopause following my OC dx and surgery in June 2013 and I hate to report that NOTHING has gotten better in the heat department to date. 3 years from end of frontline. I wasn't anywhere near to menopause and was still getting regular periods at age 51 at diagnosis. I've also developed skin problems, vaginal dryness etc. Just wonderous. I have taken to getting into bed earlier than I'm going to go to sleep, keeping heat really low (my husband is always freezing), and then when I'm warmed up under the quilt - got rid of the down- everything comes off. I have never in my life slept naked and it took some getting used to but this is the only way I don't wake up drenched in sweat. During the day I find I must layer and typically have to have a short sleeved shirt among the layers as I have panicked a number of times when I was baking and could only get down to a long sleeve. Wool is totally out and I have also donated my heavy and long coats as I am never cold enough for them. Ironically my feet are the major part of me that WILL feel the cold and may even become numb. Maybe due to some neuropathy from the chemo? Everyone stay cool!


I found this is in Team Inspire posts when I was looking into Siberian Ginseng/Eleuthero/Elagen (Siberian is not the same plant as Korean) a year or so ago:

Siberian ginseng, also called eleuthero, is good for boosting energy dramatically. I used it for many years. It takes a month or two for you to feel the effects, but then it's pretty steady energy. It's available in capsule form, as well as tea. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and it helped both conditions. Because I have to take warfarin for blood clots, I had to stop using eleuthero, and I do miss it. During what must have been the world's longest menopause, I used it to help with hot flashes, and it almost completely eliminated them. If you have elevated blood pressure, it might cause problems, so be aware of that, too.

Nicky100 in reply to Hidden

I can wholeheartedly recommend Malic -Acid. Have been taking it 3 weeks and boy what a difference to my fatigue and energy levels. It's a natural product but is often very depleted in the body. It's cheap to buy and has been amazing for me. I take the Swanson one.

Malic Acid. It has saved my life these last 3 weeks for fatigue and energy levels.


I just read all the replies, as I put a post up a few weeks ago asking for similar help. I did buy the chillow pillow from amazon, for Β£24 and whilst I still get night sweats it has been very helpful in reducing the lengh and intensity to allow me to get back to sleep sooner. I slip it under the pillow case as it stays very cold even without putting it in the fridge beforehand. I do think that, as the other ladies have all said, diet and exercise are the key. When I have done some exercise during the day, I sleep better at night, with fewer sweats. As soon as I have a hot drink especially caffeine based a hot flush follows, same with chocolate, wine, any sugary food!! At work I always have a glass of cold water at hand, which really helps, and at night too. I find I get a ferocious thirst accompanying the hot flushes and drinking cold water helps.

I hope you manage to find some relief and help from the replies, good luck and let me know if you find any other things that help

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