New Year

Just to wish everyone here a Happy, Healthy & Good New Year!

Haven't been around for quite a while, nothing much going on with me (a good thing!). I go for my CT scan tomorrow & I'll see my oncologist the following week...feeling slightly anxious, but not overwhelmingly so. I'll be glad when it's behind me though....that is provided the results are what I want to hear ;)

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  • Snap, I'm off for my scan tomorrow too! Fingers crossed for good results!

  • All the best for your scan tomorrow x

  • Happy New Year to you, I hope your scan goes the way you want it to go. I wish you peace and comfort and plenty of joy for the coming year

  • Happy new year hoping the scan remains clear xx

  • Happy new year and fingers crossed for a good scan result ❀xx Jane

  • Wishing you a good result.

  • I wish you a clear scan and a happy New Year


  • The scan itself went wonderfully well...I am what they call in nursing jargon as a "bad stick", meaning my veins are terrible! They just roll away like cooked spaghetti. This gal was a real professional & knew exactly what to do & how to do it.

    Won't have any results until the middle of next week, though. I feel positive, but.....

    Also, my husband with Alzheimer's disease is declining rather rapidly, so that hangs over my head all the time....a lot to deal with over the past year (almost). I'm praying for good results for myself, so I can be there for him as much as possible (although he doesn't really know it anyway). Have to keep hanging on....

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