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New year


Happy New Year to everyone and here's hoping for good health in 2015 for all.

This time last year I was on chemo and worried about the outcome but have just spent Christmas with my lovely daughter, son in law and grandchildren who travelled from Australia to be with us and they certainly brightened the festive season.

Determined to be more positive this year.

Love to all

Mopsie x x x

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Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015 Mopsie.

xx Jenny.


Happy New Year Mopsie. You've started it all off in fine style! xxx Annie


Mopsie, I'm so glad you had happy times over Christmas. I'm sure you'll have many, many more, because as the years pass, you'll feel more secure that you'll HAVE a future to enjoy with your lovely family. I vividly remember a time after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer (April 1999) that I wouldn't be spending time with my (unborn at that time) future grandchildren. This Christmas Eve I was blessed beyond measure. As I held my 6th grandchild in my arms (she was actually born on Christmas Eve, a miracle in itself), I'm afraid emotions just overcame me and I just burst into tears. I felt humbled, grateful and deliciously happy.

So, Mopsie, hold the faith close to your heart that your future will be bright and that remission for a very long time is very possible. I pray that this will be a positive prediction for your future. I understand why you'd feel pessimistic, but hope like mad that you'll turn those thoughts around:-)

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So pleased that your daughter and her family were able to travel from Australia to spend Christmas with you. An expensive journey for them but you're worth it. Happy New Year to you all and a safe journey back for your family. Ann xo


So happy you had a special Xmas, was just thinking this morning it will be ten years in July since I first was in hospital with possible Ovarian Cancer. During that time, lost twin grandsons at prem birth and have a lovely grandson who is now three and a half. So good things do happen. I have had two recurrences dealt with by chemo and one with rt. Presently on Avastin and doing good. I am doing okay but you do wonder what is around the corner from time to time. Then I just get over it and put it back in a box.


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