Hi ladies

I finished my chemo in June and when my eyelashes started coming through, I started to use this every night (not so much now). I have noticed a difference and it seems my eyelashes have grown longer than before or this just may be a perception from not having any!

I thought I'd share with you.. I bought this from Amazon around £20

Love Michelle xx💐

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  • What good timing! I was about to post about eyelashes because mine have just started to grow back. Thanks for the tip x

  • My eyelashes have just begun to grow back too which is good ...along with hairs on my chin not so good 😳

  • Your reply made me laugh. I had complained to my daughter that I missed my chin hairs more than my long gray hair because one of my favorite pastimes was to conduct an absentminded 'search and destroy ' on those annoying stubs while resting, watching tv or reading. She told me it is my Zen.

  • I do that too ... I then become obsessed until I find the tweezer and a magnifying mirror to remove the little blighters 😳

  • Funny you should mention the hairs on your chin.......those were the first to grow back for me!! I am 3 weeks post chemo and I'm waiting for my eyelashes and eyebrows to start growing, but those chin hairs started growing a couple of days after chemo ended!! Kim

  • Yep they appeared first I'm now about three months post chemo I have eyebrows and eyelashes ... eyebrows are becoming very wayward and have to pluck out all the ones that are growing in the wrong place not missed doing this lol...my eyelashes are not vey long but they are noticeable.... my hair is still stubble but it covers my head ... so things are improving 😃

  • That's great! My hair on my head didn't all fall out with chemo. But everything else did! I sure hope my eyebrows and eyelashes grow back soon. I miss them! Kim xo

  • I'm sure it don't be long before they do ... I think I looked very much like an alien ... I just look very grey at the moment 😳

  • I feel like a grey haired alien too!! 😕

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