Eyelashes and brows

Hi wondered if anybody has been the same as myself. Had 4 lots of chemo the had a break as I'm now 2 1/2 weeks post op. This week my eyelashes and eyebrows are starting to fall out, though it was strange as I've not had chemo for 5 weeks. Was hoping I'd keep them. Also my hair has started to come out again as I was left with a slight covering.

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  • Hi Ann That's what happened to me my eyelashes and eyebrows went after chemo number four because I had a break from chemo whilst I had my op they came back however after my 6th chemo my eyelashes went again but as soon as they fell out they was back again. I had my eyebrows tattooed and was very good with my eyeliner so no one noticed I had no eyelashes. if you like eyeliner put it where your lashes would have been on the bottom and inside the bottom lid, again on the inside of the top lid and if you can on the edge of the lid and no one will notice.

    not eay to explain in a message but hope it helps xx

  • In the hot weather the line of kohl I'd drawn on my top eyelid just slid right down to underneath my bottom lid, it was so funny!!!

    Clare x

  • Hi Ann

    Don't forget that chemo is cumulative and its effects can lag behind. I also had 4 chemo before debulking.. In some ways it was a good rest before the final two but my poor hair fell out grew back and fell out again and for a while didn't know what it was doing!

    I hope you are getting lots of rest and being nice to yourself...it won't be too long before you are through!

    Xx Lyndall

  • Same here Ann. xx

  • Yes my eyebrows and eyelashes started to fall after chemo 4 even though I'd had a reduction in Taxol after chemo 2 and again at chemo 3 then it was stopped after chemo 4. In fact my last long eyelash fell out today during my last chemo.! But I have a six o'clock shadow on U head where first tiny hairs are now starting to come through my scalp!! Chemo 5 and today's last chemo were just Carbo.

    Can't explain the hair dropping again though

    Take care

    Clare X

  • Hi Clare,

    I think the body gets as confused as our poor minds do. My CA125 was steadily dropping then after 4 and the debulking - it slowed down. My hair had started to grow back in the interim only for it to fall out again after No5. No 6 was carbo only but it's only started to show fluff now five weeks on.. Think we just have to roll with the punches.. xxx

  • Exactly same as you. Eyebrows and lashes fell out in pre op break but grew back in post op break. Back on chemo now but slightly worried as new hair not falling out on my head at all. Start over analysing and think it's stopped working. Daft thoughts. X

  • I had 6 chemos before debulking and by chemo 4 my eyebrows and eyelashes had gone. I didn't mind being bald but found it hard to be without brows and eyelashes. They grew back very very quickly post chemo and are rather gorgeous now. Good luck. Xxx

  • Spoke to my oncologist yesterday and he said they can be the last lot of hair to fall out as the brows and lashes are stronger hair.

    Had great news from him too he said my surgery and response to chemo have had excellent results. He said he was delighted with me. Feeling elated

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