Chemo... the gift that just keeps on giving 😩

So here I am, over three months since I finished chemotherapy and my hair is now about 1.5" long and I'm starting to look like Dennis the bloody menace!!

And my eyelashes, what's that all about?! I threw out three mascaras last weekend before I realised that they hadn't dried up but that my eyelashes had disappeared


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  • I can relate as my hair initially came back nice and dark and I loved the look, then it went silver grey on top and curly!

    The chemo gift I could do without is the fine hair growing over my face and neck. Very fine and the type that shows in the sun.!! No one told me that happened ..... But most of us get it😏

    Hubby clippered my hair again on Friday evening (chemo again) and I love the short cut .....for however long I have it anyway!

    Hope you laughed out loud when you realised what you'd done with your mascaras! They do suddenly come back quite quickly thankfully .

    Dennis the Menace hair is cute I'm sure! If you don't like it though then slick it down , that looks cool too,!

    Clare xx

  • Clare - thank you so much for mentioning this. What is it with the downy hair on the face and neck. Does it go away?? My husband told me to get it waxed but he can be a total idiot sometimes.

    I too have insane tight curls with a dusting of silver. This is 8 months post chemo. But I do have eyelashes - so Carole, the eyelashes do return in time!

    Hugs, T. X

  • Yes, the facial hair does go. I am seven months post chemo and your post made me realise that I haven't noticed the furry face for some time now. There was a time when the hair on my face was longer than the hair on my head!


  • To slick it down I would need a bucket of gel, it absolutely has a mind of its own. Perversely, sometimes I miss being bald.

    And yes, I did laugh 😂


  • Good morning . I so know what you mean . My hair is starting to grow back since my last chemo. It should stay with the next chemo I am on however I too am fed up with waiting for eyelashes to return. I have a few but they're very sparse so yesterday in desperation I bought some natural looking fals lashes. I haven't tried to put them on yet yesterday was bad enough trying to cut them to size for my eyes. After dropping them on the floor three times and having to scrabble around on a grey carpet trying to find them I was exhausted . I had terrible throwback memories to the 60s when I used to try and wear them then and I go out for the night dancing and come back with one missing. Lord knows who's clothing it went home on 😂😂. Eyebrows I can cope with I've become quite proficient in drawing them on . But the inevitable smack in the face is the chin hair and the lip hair . Oh joy , always 1st to come back . I wish you a speedy return for your eyelashes and I too think the Dennis the Menace look especially good very funky . Have a good day love Chris😘😘🌻

  • You sound cheerful Chris...good to read....C x

  • Well you've got to pick yourself up and carry on don't you? 😀 Hope you are doing ok 😘😘

  • Get a stripy red jumper and get the look. You could start a trend. The first stages of hair growth are very slow but it may speed up a bit with warmer weather.

  • Oh Chrisr thank you for making me laugh.........looking on the grey carpet for have to have a sense of humour to survive all of this! xx

  • Thankyou this made me chuckle ,I needed that. When my hair started falling out my daughter clipped it all off with her grooming scissors!! We did laugh it was either that or cry so we joked that I had earned a dog treat for sitting still. Now it's all back again something I believed would never ever happen, all my lashes, the lot all regrow. But under threat with my chemo that's just been changed again. Hope I've not gone on too long!! Bestest Wishes and a hug claire x

  • That made me laugh, I always tell my husband I can do his hair , with my dog grooming clippers and scissors, don't know why he won't let me. Lol xx

  • The hairy face thing is weird, isn't it? Don't worry, leave it well alone and it will go after a while. I can't remember how long I'm afraid. As with many other things, you'll probably find that other people don't even notice it. Spes x

  • Good to know!

  • And yes I forgot to mention the full beard 🤣🤣🤣

    I have that too !!

  • Is there no end to the indignities we have to go through?! I'm so looking forward to the facial hair. Yip. I've always been famed for my amazing long eyelashes so losing them is going to be hard. ☹️ Let us know how u get on with the false ones. X

  • My eyebrows fell out 8 weeks after finishing chemo! They had hung on valiantly throughout the whole process, then buggered off. My eyelashes still aren't what they used to be before, and it is now almost 8 months (wow! 8 months!! I've just totted that up!).

    Don't have the hairy face though... 🤔😆

  • Love the idea of the Dennis the menace look, mine was beetle juice before I shaved my head when my hair started to drop out 😬 I found the eyelashes going the worst bit, the hair and eyebrows I was prepared for but the eyelashes were my last vestige of femininity and I cried at them going, in fact it was the only time I cried throughout the whole experience, maybe the last straw, but the lashes have come back just as luscious as before so stick with it ❤️Xx Jane

  • I never lost my eyebrows which remained dark brown,but did loose my hairy legs and there is no sign of them coming back, I am saving a fortune on razors. My hair came back white and very,very, very curly. So AFTER3 months I was very naughty and had an organic dye put on it and had my hair professionally straightened, bingo, I looked in the mirror and it was me . Chris

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