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Back home, 4 days post op

Thanks to all who have given me support and kind words. On Thursday 2nd Feb I had my Diagnostic laparascopy and ovarian cystectomy. Before I went to theatre my surgeon discussed things and said there would be a possibility of removing my effected ovary and that once they have a look they will know what is going on. I've had uss, ca125(result of 8) and been told I have a cyst of 6cm which structure doesn't look normal and is possibly a dermoid. I was so nervous about what they would find. Post op I was reassured all went well my suspected dermoid was in fact a simple cyst which they drained and my other ovary is enlarged due to pcos, I have many cyst which appear physiological not pathological. I was also fitted with the mirena iud. My experience has made me realise just how precious life is and since I've been home I've thought nothing but about the women who experience the flip side to things. This charity is so important to women. Thank you ovacome for being here xxx

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Hi Sarah,

Brilliant news!

I'm so pleased they didn't find anything sinister.

Have a very happy time,




This is fantastic news, what a relief for you.You are so right about life being short etc. I have certainly tried to take positives from my journey, I spend alot more time with other people, am more active than I was and now volunteer as a walk leader twice a week.

Do take things easy for a while as you have had a massive shock and significant surgery.

All the best to you for the future.

Charlie xx


Hi Sarah! I'm so pleased that it wasn't as you feared. You will always appreciate things with a bit of extra clarity now, and I hope you have many, many years of good health

love Wendy xx


So pleased for you Sarah

Love Chris x


Fab news, enjoy every day x


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