A gentle squeeze from calmer seas

A gentle squeeze from calmer seas

Hello lovely ladies,

Gosh it seems like ages since I last managed to post anything, as some of you will know I have been on a 'bucket list' adventure to Antarctica!! In fact, I'm not even home yet. We are currently in a Port in Uruguay, which is our first land since leaving the beautiful white continent 5 days ago. The weather in the famous Drake's Passage was favourable on the outward journey but not so much coming back, so much so we had to miss our scheduled landing in The Falklands. I can now say I have experienced (& survived) Beaufort 12 winds in open sea (that's hurrricane force) and, it seems, I was born for life at sea...not a jot of sea sickness!

Anyway, it may take me a while to catch up with everyone's news but please know you have all been in my thoughts. Especially as I was sat one day, having a quiet moment on a small icy beach off the south Shetland islands with thousands of Gentoo and Adelie penguins waddling around me...the joy of being there was somewhat overwhelming.

Another positive to this trip has been that on the whole, I have managed to forget about my medical concerns. I've continued to have very irregular bleeding and pains come and go (packing my hot water bottle was a god send!) but being in such a magestic land has been a wonderful, wonderful distraction! I have an ultrasound scan this coming Monday and a follow up with my Onc a week Thurs to see how this latest new 'growth' is doing, which was found back in late Nov. I'm hoping whatever it was has decided to go on it's own little vacation and won't be prancing around on the scan this time!

My love and best wishes to you all and sending you some beautiful sunshine all the way from this little Uruguayan port. I shall post my fav penguin photo just as soon as I've had the time to trawl through the 10,000 pictures I've taken!! 😆🐧 in the meantime, here's one of hubby & I in all our expedition gear ready for our first step onto the 7th continent!

Jemima xx

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  • Looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. Great to hear an update.


  • What a lovely happy pic! I love hearing about your adventures, Jemima.

  • Jemima

    What a photo! Your smiles shine through which is so so fab to see. Loving to read of your adventures, so exciting and don't worry about your lack of sea sickness I've taken that for you as I can be sick just looking at a boat!!!

    Can just picture your moment with the Penguins - that must have very a powerful moment for you.

    Still lots to do on your way home I'm sure then you'll have all your photos and amazing memories to share. What a trip xx

    Have a fun time and a safe trip home and good luck, as ever, for next week.

    More pics please

    Clare xx

  • Looking good Jemima! Sounds like you have had an amazing time,trip of a lifetime and such lovely memories.Dont worry about all the health issues until you get home, it won't help and hopefully the news is good anyway.

    Can't wait to see more photos,safe journey home my love,

    Carole xxx

  • Jealous Mrs A!!!

    Sounds like you had and are still having a ball! GO GIRL!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing more!

    Safe journey home and good luck next week!


    PS: Great happy pic!!!!!

  • Thank you ladies! Looking forward to wading through all my photos but it's been such an epic experience I will never, ever forget! Big smooches to you all xx

  • Very glad you have a lovely holiday, an experience of a life time, best of luck with your scan and results

  • Hi Jemima, you have made me smile, love the photo you both look so happy & relaxed. Enjoy the rest of your adventure take care Cindyxx

  • Hi Jemima, love the onesies in this photo but really need to see the penguins. Glad you've had a good time xx Rachael

  • Well, they say a change is as good as a rest and you've had such a real change it's probably worth a thousand rests! Good luck with your scan and looking forward to seeing some penguin pics.


    P.s. Very smart outfits and stylish life jackets too!

  • So happy for you! And thanks for such a cheerful, uplifting post and picture.


  • What a adventure, wow❤

  • How wonderful! Don't envy you the rough weather whilst at sea, sounds pretty scary! Can't wait for the penguin pics! 🐧 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 xxx

  • Lovely photo and it sounds amazing. It's nice to know you're having a fab time. You deserve it. Keep smiling xxxxx

  • My goodness what an amazing adventure! So glad you are having such a fantastic experience! Keeping everything crossed that you get a good result next week but meanwhile have a fantastic time. Xx

  • Just brilliant. Enjoy to the max xx

  • Hi Jemima,

    What a fabulous trip, your bucket list seems to have some excellent items on it. Gorgeous photo, your enjoyment and happiness really shines from you. Congrats on not being seasick, I feel queasy just thinking about it. Have a safe journey home. Good luck with the scan next week. ❤xx Jane

  • Hi Jemima, I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how the trip,was going, so great to have news hot off the press and a lovely photo too. Look forward to the penguin pics and like others, wish you all the best for your scan on Monday. Meanwhile keep storing up the memories!


    Barbara x

  • Sounds like a fantastic trip and definitely a bucket list adventure. I have a list the length of your arm of those and making my way through the country by country 😃 Lovely picture and it's great to hear that you've managed to forget your worries and enjoy yourself. I always say I'm parking the cancer bus when I board a plane xo

  • "Parking the cancer bus"...love it! ☺

  • sounds brilliant...good luck with the appointments when you return! Chris

  • Wow what an adventure... looking fab in orange .... best wishes for your scan and review ... looking forward to more pics 😊

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