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Hello Ladies

I was diagnosed with PPC in December and am due to see oncologist on Wednesday after 3 cycles of chemo to see what's next. I understand it could be more chemo or an op to remove omentum.

Since being diagnosed I have been seeing a healer which I find very helpful and on Saturday I went to a workshop on diet and how giving up sugar,animal fats,dairy and processed foods can really help if you have cancer.

I wonder if any ladies on here have changed their diet and what the outcome has been. The intention is not to stop conventional treatment but to use other approaches as well to give myself the best chance.

Your thoughts would be very welcome as I have gained so much from just reading the posts on here.



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Hi Maggie

I hope your treatment is going well so far and not too many side-effects.

I'm just reviewing The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook which takes a good practical look at diet. It's worth taking a look at it if you can get hold of a copy.

There are so many different opinions on different diets. Some are quite extreme but few have had rigorous scientific evaluation as to how effective they are. I did originally buy and follow The Anti-Cancer by Dr David Servan-Schreiber which you can get on Amazon. It was helpful to feel as though I was doing something to help myself. He was a doctor but not an oncologist and when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour did a lot of research into foods and diet.

Professor Iain McNeish, from Glasgow, was asked about diet, and specifically about sugar, at the Ovacome Members' Day some years back and he said if people wanted to avoid getting cancer it was good to eat sensible levels of sugar but once people had cancer it wasn't relevant to cut it out if you enjoy it because cancer converts body fat into sugar anyway. The general message from him, and from so many experts, including the RM Cook Book is to eat a balanced diet with plenty of variety and be sparing on alcohol and meat. The RM also say it's important to eat foods that are tempting and enjoyable - particularly when patients are on treatment.

If nothing else these cook books give good sound advice and have some tempting recipes to follow.

I'm looking forward to other comments. Diet is always such an interesting topic on this forum.

best wishes

Annie xxx


Thank you so much Annie everything seems so daunting when newly diagnosed it's good to hear what other people think x


This forum is brilliant for making contact with others in the same shoes. There are also events you can attend which are a huge help. Has anyone mentioned to you there's a 2 day residential course at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre which is free of charge. Travel expenses can also be claimed. It takes place at the end of April. I know quite a few who are going along. I wonder if you'd find that helpful as they have an afternoon session on nutrition for cancer. I can let you have the details if you are interested. xxx love Annie


Oh yes please Annie it sounds just what I need x


Hello. I am a little slow to give advice on diet or changing your diet or indeed giving up sugar, fats etc as I firmly believe in a little of what you fancy can do you no harm. I have kept to my usual foods, unless I get a turn a turn against. The hospital I attend does have a dietician available and he also maintains that a balanced diet for more people is best. So have a chat with your liaison nurse or oncologist though , if you want to change your diet radically.

Best wishes, Daisies

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Thank you Daisies x


I am trying to avoid added sugar and try to avoid processed foods. I went to the Penny Brohen a couple of years ago and I like to try and follow their diet advice. I still eat animal fats especially butter and dairy. If you are avoiding dairy you might want to consider a calcium supplement and vitamin D3


I've changed my diet somewhat since being diagnosed. I have tried some extreme vegan and juicing diets and take a lot of vitamin and mineral supplements plus probiotics. I also have been to the Penny ground centre a couple of times and try to follow a lot of their recommendations on diet and nutrition. When I'm on chemo i eat what I can and i do agree that à balanced diet is probably best. I now eat some fish and chicken but mostly veggie and avoid dairy except butter and a bit of cheese. Whether this has helped me I don't know but I have been fit and well between treatments and recovered pretty quickly up to now. I'm now on 6 th lot of chemo in 11 years. Exercise is v important for me too. I've written a lot about all this on my website at

Francesca x


Hi Maggie

i was diagnosed with ppc in January and have been going through the same diet worries as you. I read the sugar grows cancer thing and got really confused and worried. What i have done is bought a nutribullet and have green smoothies with spinach broccoli carrots raspberries blueberries banana or avocado. I then know I've had a good boost to my immune system. I eat a balanced diet but will have a biscuit or bit of cake if i feel like it. Have also had the odd boiled sweet if i feel a bit sick (just had second cycle of chemo). I'm having scan in April after 3rd to see if I'm having hysterectomy. I tried giving up the dairy but a cup of tea is a pleasure for me as is hot buttered toast! I'm just trying to keep positive for my little girl and walk my dog for exercise and a bit of nature's beauty. It all helps I think. Good luck with it all.



Hi Vicki

It's good to hear from someone who has PPC and I think you are right in saying that trying to eat healthily with the occasional treat is the way to go. Good luck with your next chemo I will know tomorrow what is happening next for me.

Maggie x


Hi Maggie,

I do think that diet is important in all diseases, but especialy in cancer given the urgency it imposes.

I was vegetarian and at one point in time I introduced dairy and it worked badly for me causing thick mucuses to form and I found myself with colds very freqvently and choking with mucus that I could not expel. Today I know that dairy can cause such thick mucuses that are particulary bad because do not allow the immune system cells to swim in it and the best guards against diseases and tumours can't do their work in that unfavorable enviroment. Whith the help of some x-ray radiation and stress I developed ovarian cancer that it was discovered in emergency in 2011.

My diet these day is much focussed on mucussless diet (oviously dairy free), high level nutrition in the food or nutrient dense food and greens grown by me or bought in form of sprouted brocoli or other greens powders and lots of herbal treatment also aimed at cleansing , improving digestion and feeding the body.

At the moment all is good, last Ca125 was normal.

I came to understand that health is achived when each organ has what it needs to function properly and that depends very much on good digestion and absorbtion. The body does 2 things for us all the time from the nutrients we give : detoxes toxicity and waste and feeds for energy and repair.

In case of cancer we need the detoxing of heavy metals and waste and the nutrients that will do the repair of the DNA. I was told that the DNA repairs itself during sleep: the helix of the DNA is made of polysaharides which a good supply is from Aloevera, the proteins are glued toghether to the helix with trace minerals and in between themselves is iodine that bonds them. So to me it makes all the sense in the world to provide the body with the necessary nutrients so it can perform those repairs and keep the DNA toghether.

That is why I can not encourage you more to pay attention to the value of good nutrition free of chemicals which you already have started.

Keep up the good works!


Thank you so much Naomi that makes so much sense x


Hi Maggie,

I've retired now due to health problems but have worked as a complementary therapist for some years. I found that Reiki healing was good for clients with C and also that visualisation meditation had a profound effect. If you can't find someone to teach you how to do the meditation you can buy CDs that are very good. Just stick with it Evan if you find it hard to follow. It does work.

All the best wishes to you

Aemi x


Thank you Aemi will certainly look into both - I am a great believer in things like this

Maggie x


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