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Caylex, the slow burner?

Good evening ladies,

Im currently on Caylex and Taxol. I have had my 4th cycle and midway scan was positive showing some reduction and my CA125 has come down to 55 from 2100. So its all positive and going in the right direction.

During my initial appointment when we discussed the side effects of the drug I was told that Caylex is a slow burner and that we may not see any reaction until the final scan after the full 6 rounds. When I discussed it this time round she said that its not likely to get rid of it all :( and the next step would be just to watch and wait until it becomes active again to restart chemo.

What I don't understand is why when she said we were not likely to see much results until after 4th cycle then why does she say that it probably wont reduce much more then it has?

Has anyone else experienced this? Have you had a sudden had a reaction after the 4th cycle?

as a side note by right side, the side it is currently occupying is very achy today :(



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Carbo not Taxol!


Hi lovely,

In all honesty the oncologists have absolutely no idea how a person will react. My special person had Carbo/Taxol for her first line it wasn't until they included Avastin in the combination that she had a decent reaction then had her debulking surgery, continued on Avastin then she had her first reoccurrence so had second line of Carbo/Gem and only needed 4 before she was classed as dormant now she's on Carbo/Caelyx for third line treatment, so far only the one but the point is her oncologist team has absolutely no idea one is saying there's more options the other says it's trials if this doesn't work basically they're using everybody for guinea pigs and see what works best for which cancer. Xxx


I do see that... my oncologist said that if this doesn't work then it's trails for me 😕 and this is only my second line treatment.

Hope your special person is doing well and coping with side effects of the drug well x


Hi Asma - I had Calyx as 2nd line and yes was told the same - that it works very slowly and quite common for the ca 125 to rise before it falls if that makes sense! Mine began to drop after 2 cycles and I did achieve a remission of 6 months before I was back on the carbo / taxol roundabout again!

My oncologist told me at the time that Calyx is regarded as a bridging chemo ie hopefully it'll dumb things down again until you can have carbo /taxol again ( the gold standard apparently - my oncologist will only give the regime once in a 12 month period ).

Keep the faith Asma - I'm facing 4th line treatment in 3 years but will keep going as long as I can xxx

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Thank you, hope this one will achieve a longer remission for you x

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