Normal weekend

Normal weekend

I've been so poorly this year and rock bottom at times but this weekend I felt 'normal' with a day ar Winter Wonderland with my daughter and a walk along Southend sea front with my partner. (With carrier bag l) We did this most weekends but not in a long time. I never thought I would be doing things like this again. So for anyone having chemo and surgery now keep strong and I hope you all get some normality back. xx

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  • Oh how lovely!

    I'm visiting Winter Wonderland next week - can't wait!

  • I too have just started to get some normality back into my life and it does feel fantastic.

    It's been 9 weeks since my last chemo treatment, I'd been going to hospital twice a week for the last 6 months. It's hard been on chemo but was worth the fight to get this wonderful feeling of normality.

    Good luck to all brave ladies out there fighting this horrible disease.

    You can do it xx

  • Tracy you look amazing, and your daughter. So glad to hear that you are out and about enjoying yourself. Like you say it's been a tough year and you deserve some normality. Xx

  • That's lovely to hear. I'm really glad for you and what a lovely picture too! Xxx

  • What wonderful photos, so pleased you managed to get out and about. A little bit of normality is great isn't it? Long may that continue

    Clare xx

  • How lovely for you xxx

  • What a lovely sight and comfort that this is ! I am still in hospital having undergone my successful debulking op last Tuesday.. I also had my colostomy altered to a ileostomy as they are hoping to reverse my bowel back to its normal workings! Thing is I am currently experiencing lots of cramp and very liquid stools , as such I am still here !

    It gives you such hope , and I'm sure we will all get there , when you see " normal" family activities that I guess everyone takes for granted ..

    Lots of love ❤️ Jackie xxx

  • What a lovely set of photos Tracey. I'm so pleased you are having fun. I hope you have a good week too. Now I just look up winter wonderland and see what that involves! T. X

  • Lovely photos!

    Enjoy !

    Judy x

  • Looking at your photo of the beach made me wistful for the sea...(used to live in Brighton many years ago). Lovely photo of you and your daughter too. Enjoy this time - you deserve it.

    All the best, Netti

  • I love to read a post like this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's so important to keep looking forward to the best possible future, isn't it? Long may you enjoy your walks on the seafront. The changing weather, tides and skies make it always worthwhile.

  • Thank you Wendy. My school Xmas fayre clashes with COPES but I've dropped a load of gift sets off with Lynne. Would love to be there. I hope it goes well x

  • How absolutely lovely. It is often the simplest things that bring such joy. I helped my daughter put up a Christmas tree in her own flat. It's her first Christmas there. It's great to be able to encourage each other


  • Lovely ! Your daughter is so beautiful ❤

  • A great post. You look lovely Tracey and your daughter is beautiful too. The simple things are the things we miss the most when we are on treatment. I'm sure you feel so much better this morning after that great weekend xo

  • Great stuff!

  • You girls look fabulous!!!! so glad you are feeling good again. there is hope for me out there. thanks for the inspiration!

    XX Carol

  • Greedy what a lovely picture and glad to hear your doing so well now, I was saying too my daughter I will be a lot happier once 2016 has gone.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • Apologies for the spelling error, Gleedy xx

  • It's OK.. I've got Tracey Bleed on my first aid certificate xx

  • Lovely photos and so pleased that you are out and about, enjoy xx

  • Lovely picture . I live near the sea and when I'm feeling low we go for a walk along the beach and it kind of makes me feel normal too. This is a tough disease and chemo is no walk in the park but we have to do it . I have just finished chemo and will be going back on another regime in January. So I guess it will be lots of walks on the beach for me and when I feel up to it. Take care and I hope you are feeling A bit more uplifted , 🌻🌻

  • Lovely photos. It's so good to do normal things and being outside in the fresh air is so invigorating. All the best!

  • Great photos Gleedy!

    Your daughter is gorgeous just like her mum😀! Hope you have many many more great days like that!


  • So pleased you feel more like normal, it can and does happen. Enjoy your new you, enjoy Christmas and looking forward to new experiences.

    Congratulations ❤️Xx

  • Glad you had a good weekend,I'm sure there will be many more to come,you will go from strength to strength.xx

  • So happy for you being able to experience some days of delight. I just finished chemo today and hope for some of those days soon. It is a brutal battle at times. It certainly does make you appreciative when you get an opportunity to experience something good. Enjoy! Kim - xo

  • Beautiful photo Hun...enjoy doing some of those normal things we occasionally take for granted when our chips are down. You deserve them immensely 😘😘

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