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Have a lovely weekend

Hello all you lovely ladies

I am enjoying the lovely sunshine & my spirits are definitely up. I had a lovely lunch with a friend & her daughter & am going with my hubby to friends for dinner. I am very lucky to have lots of support from friends & family who keep making lovely food for me & come to visit & I get lots of phone calls so do not have a chance to get bored.

I agree with Babs that it is very sad to see young women on this site. I am dong my bit to make women aware of OC by talking about it to all the women I know. I will also get leaflets from Ovacome to take to my surgery & other venues.

Have a lovely weekend all & enjoy the sunshine.

Lots of love

Samixa X -:)

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Glad you are coping well and surrounded by all the lovely support from family and friends , what a difference it makes . Hope you have a lovely weekend



Thank you Ally. I am looking forward to a great weekend.

Lots of love X :-)


Hi Samixa,

I have just come back,I've been out with friends (five of us) for a friends birthday a girly night out..I am tired now...glad to hear you are feeling upbeat..and hope you enjoyed yourself... the weather certainly makes us feel good...sending you my best wishes and hope you have a good weekend as well... love x G x :-)


Thank you Gwyn. I had a lovely evening & am looking forward to a lovely weekend.

Lots of love X :-)


hi samixa

good for u..... have fun

best wishes

shen x


Thank you Shen. I had a lovely evening & looking forward to a great weekend.

Lots of love X :-)


Hi Samixa

Only just got back from a week away, just wanted to say, do send for some BEAT cards and hand them out. They Re so easy to share, and small enough to fit in your bag!

Have a lovely weekend again, when it comes around 8-)

Love Wendy xx


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