what did you do last weekend?

what did you do last weekend?

Well guess what! I hand fed a tiger called Katinka and had my hand licked by a leopard called Lisa.

It was yet another fantastic experience. i got so close to her and fed her a small 'snack' of chicken legs. whilst i was croutching down next to her she looked so cute and cuddly but then she growled and jumped up at the cage standing way above me - not so cute any more!

I fed her another chicken leg while she was standing up at the fence towering above me. I was in awe of being so close to such a beautiful creature. Seeing her size so close was amazing. Aparantly their sense of smell is so great if I went there again to feed her she would remember me - even if it wasn't for years!!! amazing

I then met a leopard who licked my hand through the bars. I fed her a chicken leg and the keeper advised that I shouldn't let her lick me again now in case she got confused and as I am keen on my fingers I didn't!

In the afternoon myself and the boys went into the lemur enclosure and hand fed them grapes. They climbed onto you and were really soft and gentle.

I had never been to Linton zoo before and even though it is small it was a lovely place. The animals are well cared for and everyone there was really friendly.

love jackie xxx

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  • Jackie what an amazing day. Lovely photo - that tiger is huge!

    We went to see the Bootleg Beatles which I was going to say was a bit more sedate than what you got up to, but many of the audience had a very wild and groovy time dancing to all the favourites (not me of course, my daughter would've disowned me!).

    Monique x

  • Hi Monigue,

    Ahhhhh daughters! funny how the role changes isn't it? (you having to behave yourself because of your daughter haha) but glad you had a good time love x G x :-)

  • Hi Monique,

    I'm glad you had a good time even if you couldn't dance. That's the difference between sons and daughters. They love it when I act silly and just say it's mum being mad again. Probably change as they get older though.

    Hugs jackie xxx

  • Hi Jackie

    Definitely a grand day out and that's a great photograph. I spent the weekend nursing a cold so am feeling a bit deprived of treats. Hmph! :-)

    Linda xx

  • Hi Linda,

    Sooooo sorry you have a dreaded cold love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • Hi Linda,

    I hope you are feeling better and can treat yourself soon. The Tiger experience was amazing. I am still on a high over it! In the summer I hand fed aardvarks at another zoo but I think the Tiger was much more exciting!!

    hugs jackie xx

  • Thanks Jackie, and Gwyn

    It's our 30th wedding anniversary today but as we're both still coughing and sneezing we're putting off any celebrations. Still, I've just put a pear and almond crumble in the oven and I'll make some real custard later. Comfort food, mmmm.

    L xx

  • Sounds yummy! Enjoy.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi Jackie,

    What a beautiful photo, the tiger is sooooo big, I am glad you had such a wonderful day and have shared this with us sending you loads of love x G x :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Gwyn,

    I answered this but it isn't showing. The tiger was really big but so beautiful. It was a wonderful experience.

    I haven't seen any poems recently I hope you haven't got writers cramp!!

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • One coming up now love x G x :-)

  • Hi Jackie I forgot to say about six days ago I posted a "Tribute to Sarah Dickinson" (the founder of Ovacome) so I didn't want to push it further down the blog space posts by posting other poems (it went quick anyway) about six people responded but the whole idea is for people to add their appreciation too... as without her vision Ovacome wouldn't exist....(I wrote it quite some time ago)

    But writers block? I began to wonder myself haha... yesterday I posted one for Linda's anniversary and I did write it fast ( I only knew yesterday on this blog) I guess there has not been much going on...and now I am about to post one for you LOL ...(which I wrote yesterday) I have also written a poem in the way of a quiz for Jan's birthday coming up..so I will post that soon so perhaps.

    So brain still ticking haha love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • Glad to hear it!!

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi Jackie,

    What an amazing weekend you had. I don't think any of us can come close to what you did. My highlight of the weekend was walking home from the shops on my own. It was my first long walk since my operation. I know it was nothing amazing like you did but for me it was an achievement and a sign I am on the road to recovery.

    Love to all Babs x x

  • Well done Babs... I know that feeling well :-/ ;-) love x G x

  • That was brilliant Babs! onwards and upwards as they say. It truely is amazing that you are getting well and will soon be back to 'normal' whatever that is any more!

    hugs jackie xx

  • Well done Babs. Every bit of progress feels so good.

    Linda xx

  • My weekend was nowhere as exciting as yours Jackie but pleasurable non the less. I went to a Christmas Shopping Festival (cos I love Christmas, my favourite time of year, except for the cold weather) then spent a leisurely 3 and 1/2 hours lunching in a beautiful French restaurant :-)

    Ann xx

  • that sounds lovely. so relaxing. I love christmas but sadly this year my eldest son doesn't believe any more. Still we will still have loads of fun and my youngest has written a 6 page list already!!

    must think santa is made of money!

    hugs jackie xx

  • My youngest is 30 this December, I have 4 children and I hope they all still believe in Santa. I do. Mine wont tell me what they want so its left up to me and Santa to choose for them, which I love doing :-)

    Ann xx

  • Wow! how exciting! Looks fab. I had a very boring weekend. We walked down the pier and back in Southend. Lovely sparkly sea and sunshine though. We did five miles all told

    Love Wendy xx

  • The weather was nice wasn't it in the end. Going for a walk is very good for you. Well done for walking 5 miles.

    I love Southend pier.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • My weekend with my daughter celebrating her 40th birthday with family on saturday and friends on sunday, was pretty special, another landmark I've reached that no one thought I'd get to. Think I'd better try the zoo as my next 'want to do'. . Sounds pretty special feeding the animals, and that picture s fabulous.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Viv,

    Definately recommend any animal activity but especially the tigers. She is beautiful.

    I'm glad you had a lovely weekend with your family. It is special when you reach landmarks you didn't think you would. I'm looking forward to another Christmas with my family.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Dear Jackie

    Your weekend sounds absolutely amazing and it's lovely of you to share such happy moments with us.

    Thinking of bucket lists - I booked a skiing holiday for the whole family in Meribel next March!

    xxxx Annie

  • Oh how wonderful!

    I went skiing once a long time ago and loved it. Maybe I should add that to my list of things to do.

    You will all have a lovely time. What a nice start to the year to look forward to so far - skiing and members day.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi there Jackie ....

    So glad it all went really well ..hope you have lots of photos to show me for our next coffee and natter ....

    Started Christmas shopping last weekend ..got lots done ... it was really good as could not do much last year had to rely on my daughter to do most of it .... I buy the pressies and hubby wraps them he makes a perfect job of them !

    Love Jan xxx

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