Long weekend in London

Hi all. I have just spent a lovely weekend in London with my wonderful husband. Since last June when I had my surgery followed by carbo/taxol treatment, Stuart has been my rock. He was born in Luton and has supported Luton Town football club all his life. Any time he has been over in England with work and has had an opportunity to go and see them play he has done so. As a special Christmas present I decided we would both go over and so we set off of Thursday. we stayed in central London, and had a lovely day on Friday despite the weather. Friday night we went to the Theatre to see Strangers on a Train starring Lawrence Fox and thoroughly enjoyed it. Saturday we headed off to Luton and I am pleased to say they won 7 nil. Stuart's face said it all. we headed back to London and had a lovely meal in Leicester Sq before making our way back to the hotel and we arrived back home in Belfast yesterday afternoon. All in all, we had a lovely break together and I am so grateful that we were able to. that's all I wanted to say.! Hope you are all keeping as well as can be. Ann

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  • Hi Ann

    What a lovely treat. Glad the weather was not too bad either. These treats are very important. We are looking forward to weather with a little less rain and wind so we can get away in our caravan.

    Thank you for bringing some sunshine into a wet Monday!

    Love Suex

  • Thanks Sue. It would be great to just go off with your caravan whenever you wanted to. That will rain a dream for me I'm afraid.

  • Hi Ann, I'm so glad you had a great weekend in London and even better for Stuart that Luton won. I think we all need treats to look forward to and especially our 'rocks'.

    Come back and visit soon. I've had a mission to enjoy London's free tourist attractions on the days I have hospital visits to the RM. There's a lot to see!

    Love Annie

  • Yes, we intend to Annie. I love London but must admit I was very anxious prior to going this time. I was worried about how tired I was feeling and still am as chemo only finished just before Christmas. However we managed, lots of tea breaks and people watching lol.

  • Thanks Millie. I don't think I could have got through all this without him. The Lake District is lovely but maybe wait until after Easter as the weather isn't great for taking a trip on lake Windermere.

  • You're so right about husband and supporters Millie. Mine has been wonderful and I've been wondering about a trip or treat he'd enjoy. London isn't his bag. Best wishes.

  • Lovely xx

  • Thanks Gwyn.

  • Hi there Ann...

    Really glad you had a nice time in London. We're going to the Royal Opera House in May. We wouldn't normally go as my hubbie doesn't really like to sit through that kind of thing but we're both really looking forward to it. Love T xx

  • We visited Covent Garden and saw the Royal Opera House, it looked lovely. What's on in May?

  • Hi Ann...

    It's The Marriage of Figaro... we stayed at Covent Garden too ... and went outside each night to watch people coming out after each performance... it's a strange thing to do I know, but I love the atmosphere there... T xx

  • I can't think of a better opera to start people off than Marriage of Figaro. Enjoy! I'm quite jealous. I've never been to the Royal Opera House. xx

  • Thanks Annie .. I'm so glad about it. I think it'll be memorable. X x

  • I love that opera. When at school (a very long time ago) I had to play one of the pieces from it on trombone as part of my GCE music exam. Don't play anymore lol, I leave that to my husband.

  • Hi Ann

    Glad you had such a lovely time- breaks like this are so important aren't they?!


    Anne xx

  • Hi Anne. Yes, I agree. I have been looking forward to it and enjoyed the planning. We browsed all the shows on in the West End. Such a lot to choose from but really glad we went with the play. It was really good and the ending was totally unexpected.

  • Perfect! We'll done fro planning such a brilliant weekend. When I think of Luton Town I always think of Eric Morecambe their most famous fan.

    My 'rock' is 50 in April. I will have to start thinking. Like all of our partners, he deserves the best.

    Love Sarah

  • Yes, I agree. If we are lucky enough to have one, we need to treat them well. 50 is a big one so something nice is in order I think. Let us know what you decide to do.

  • Sounds like you had a great time. I have found that since being diagnosed with oc I appreciate little trips away even more. Our senses are more aware of the good things in life. May you have many more.

    Chris x x

  • Thanks Chris. You are so right. You learn to appreciate the people and small things in life with this disease.

  • Glad you enjoyed your trip! I love visiting London too. My husband, myself and my 16 year old daughter have just returned from a weekend away in Portavadie Marina. It was brilliant......very relaxing! My husband is 50 in March.....hoping to cruise later in the year to celebrate (1st cruise) but undergoing 2nd line chemo at present so will need to wait and see?!

    Need to keep planning trips but difficult too! Keep these "rocks" strong as they need treats! Need to head your way possibly because we have never been to Northern Ireland :o

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Hi Wendy. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away too. It is nice to have a break from the norm. We took our first cruise in August 2012, a week around the med on the Norwegian Epic. I must say I loved waking up in a new place. This wasn't a formal ship but it was perfect for us. We were part of a group of about 50 people and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hope you do too.

  • It sounds like a wonderful weekend Ann and fantastic that the football result was such a resounding victory.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thanks Mary. Yes we really enjoyed ourselves.

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