weekend is here again

Hi Ladies and Gents, just saw no one posted non medical blog today so therefore I shall try and start the ball rolling. Maybe everyone is busy doing their Xmas Shopping. I got just one pressie so far, a warm jacket for my grandson. Well weather here is cold and showery. I went to work this morning, its nice to get and meet people. Our Choir is making great strides, we have some more new members and we meet once a week in Cork City where we have free accomodation. We have a fab director Eoin who makes everything fun and we all enjoy the time out. At present we are rehearsing for an Xmas Carol Concert in the city on 18th December as part of the Xmas Glo festival. Well I still have the dog from the rescue group. After hearing zilch, I contacted them last week to see if we could adopt him and well the red tape. But before I was to do anything they were ringing me back asap but no word. In the meantime I have one bubbly cavalier with all the oldies but they get on together which is the main thing. He has such adorable puppy eyes. Well I hope everyone has a nice weekend with family and friends. I am working again tomorrow for a few hours then chilling for weekend apart from making a start on Xmas

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  • hi im new here . love to chat with people. its cold here to in new hampshire. i have not had time to christmas shop. im always working. my patients need me. wish i had time to do things for my self and friends.

  • Hi Harleychick, welcome, its just that someone started to do a blog on weekends about anything other than our troubles so that is why I blogged. I am sorry you are busy with work, I do think the nurses and medical staff do have a very hard job to do and I certainly dont envy you one bit. Definitely over here the health sector is understaffed and overworked. The junior docs who start the oncology rotation move on as they dont like the doom and gloom. My poor onc is stretched between three hospitals and his reg has been out for a while so its a bit mayhem. Whatever about the patient making me time, the medical staff need that also. I am not a particularly christmassy person, my family are grown up and just have one grandchild and grandnieces to sort. The rest are money gifts. Its so commercialised anyway. I am lucky enough to be on Avastin as its freely available here. I do see how hard the nurses work. Well I hope you get time to relax over the weekend

  • i have been relaxing this weekend. i havent relaxed in a long time. where r u from

  • I am across the see in Cork in Ireland, if the airlines take any more flights from Cork airport away, we will be really lost and so will businesses in the Region and also tourism. I work part time, just twelve hours a week, I do a little dog fostering have one at the mo and today got a call about a dog in trouble which needs to be collected. I told them not available, four males in a house is asking for big trouble, so had to tell them I have visitors as well as a visit due for the Avastin juice next week. Last little guy I have for two weeks, no phone calls from them and I asked could I hold on to him and there is so much red tape involved. So to me it is clear cut, I bought him off a lady with my money therefore he is mine. He is really a dote and it is not fair to the dog to be moved up the country to be neutered and rehomed again. Too confusing for a dog all this chopping and changing and travel.

  • im a dog lover my self. i have a part shepard part border collie. she is 4 years old. she is a rescue dog. im from new hampshire.

  • at the mo, I have three of my own and the foster which I would like to keep, they are all cavaliers, It would be mayhem and divorce if I had another for a day or so even and really not up to it. I bet you have a very intelligent dogs, collie plus sheperd, the cavs are a little silly until its food time they they start talking to me

  • been devorced, been there done that, no fun, my dog is smart, if u ask her to go get the blue toy she goes right to it and gives it to me. i had der sence she was 4 months old. have u ever been out of state?

  • Yes I have been lucky enough to go on hols when I have been well enough to do so, not very expensive ones mind you. I have been to Portugal, and Rome and Croatia. Was in Nice in France last September. That was pricey but we stayed in a reasonably priced hotel. My brother is living there in a one bedroomed apt at the moment, he is renting. But there are shops like Lidl there and supermarkets to buy wine and food and bring it back to hotel I work part time in between treatments and my employers have been good enough to pay me when out sick. So that is why I can do it. My other half is retired. It must be hard being ill on your own I hope your family and neighbours help out when you need it

  • dont have any family.

  • I am really sorry you have to go through this on your own, its not easy even with the best of back up sending you hugs

  • thank u very much. right back at u

  • Thanks Suzuki :) You must have a great voice. xx Trish

  • No I dont really, just heard something on the radio, about an onc up the country who joined a choir and found it great to relieve stress so he recommended it to his patients and then it went nationwide. We had trouble getting people to join so we extended it to family and friends of cancer patients as well as us patients. So we had to drop out from his umberella and rename ourselves, they picked the name Bravehearts. We are mostly just ordinary voices although one or two have had experience. But the director makes it interesting and fun. We got help from a local Cancer Support Group to start off and have free rooms for rehearsal at the University so we are very lucky that way. There is a feel good factor in it and we do relaxation exercises before we start,

  • My daughter in law has been in and out of hospital the last few weeks, baby transverse and then breech and now been turned so head down lol, poor thing. I know this is sort of medical but not, wish this little grandchild would hurry up and arrive, not much faith in the system, she is tonight expecting a C section if the sweep doesn't work. When I had my daughter in 1998 I'm sure it was less complicated than now.

    Got a 5 year old still awake at 10.30pm watching Frozen - yawn!!

    Have a great weekend ladies

    LA xx

  • Lovely perky post with little mention of the c word. Thanks for posting - I had wondered where the non medical post was this week.

    Hey LA any news on that baby yet? What an exciting time for you! I have 2 toddler grandsons and they are just a joy. One actually lives here with Mummy as her relationship broke down so at the mo they stay with us. What fun we all have x

    Hoping your weekend is good everyone x

  • That happened my niece at 35 weeks but they did the sweep and baby turned and she was okay and delivered herself but everyone is different, wishing you and your daughter the best, its the babies that keep us going

  • In London this weekend doing the touristy bit. O2 and London Eye yesterday. Madame Tussaud's today and theatre tonight to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Tower of London and the Shard tomorrow then a tour of the BBC Studios on Monday before our evening flight home to Bonnie Scotland :)

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

    Love and hugs Wendy xxx

  • Enjoy your weekend in London, it is one place I would like to go back too, went for a wedding some years ago and didnt see enough at the time

  • Busy packing for last minute holiday after good news at check up. Trying hard to travel light but never been very good at that. Funny how chore of packing can be so much fun especially when it is raining outside. Have a lovely weekend. Jill

  • Last week my husband & I went away for the weekend. Today I'm having a quiet day at home alone. He is visiting a friend living near Cambridge for the day, so I can tidy up & get on with whatever I like undisturbed.


  • Hello All. Late in the weekend but went to Dublin and forgot all about the c thing. Saw a production of tyhe Mousetrap and went out for some lovely meals with family. It was glorious to do nothing, except wash my self and spend money. So did not even turn on lap-top or phone. Wonderful. Do love to read about all your dogs and others with grandchildren - the joy they must all bring.

    have a good week everyone.


  • That is good Daisies, I am glad you had a nice weekend, I bet you enjoyed the show, havent seen it but heard it was good. Great to relax and not to cook as well, I hope you have many many more of these catch up with family. I love hearing about family getting on well together because that doesnt happen in my family. My sister thinks my two brothers and I were spoiled growing up in comparison to her. In reality this wasnt the case. My mum got ill before my diagnosis and then had a fall and when in hospital, they discovered she was ill otherwise as well. So during my chemo I was up and down to hospital and my sister delegated me to meet the palliative care team. I am sure they must have thought the family totally disfunctional when the only person speaking to them was wearing a wig. However they were extremely nice and my Mum got great care. I would love to have a sister who would do things with me but I dont so what you have is unique with your family and friends

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