Results from scan

Hi as per my last post I had to have a scan seven weeks post last chemo due to abdominal bloating. Great news it's not the beasties, I have a small narrowing of the bowel curve that is causing the problem.

I will now go on a high fibre diet to help with the narrowing of the bowl.

I am so so relieved now start to look forward to Christmas with my family.

Hugs Ellsey xx

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  • Absolutely Brilliant news :) So happy for you :)

  • That's great news wahoo 🎉🎉🎉

  • Woohoo! Fab news!!!


  • Great news Ellsey! 💐

  • Wow! Fantastic news! You must be delighted. All the best. Helen

  • So that is good news indeed, I follow a high fibre diet mostly and it does help. Prunes in prune juice are good to keep the bowels working. Maybe milled flaxseeds, I have to eat brown bread but not brown slice pan, absolutely no use and believe it or not Oatie biscuits or Hobnobs. I do it mostly but of course had the odd treat too,

  • Just what you needed to hear! Such good news for you x

  • How good an early Christmas present news is that! Most excellent!


  • Hurrah! Good news for you!

  • Whew ... that's great news . High five !

  • Great news!! And something you can fix with the right diet. 😀 xxx

  • Hip hip hooray !! Love Bridie xx

  • Well Done!!!

  • Great news.xx

  • Excellent. x

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