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Scan Results Dissappointing

Well had my scan results. Not good news there are nobules and strithing(i think). Seen my macmillon nurse and been told will need more chemotherapy straight away. I only finished last lot in July and just returned to work two days a week in December.

oh well here we go again. Will be seeing oncologist on Monday so trying to think of questions but difficult as I dont know what he is going to suggest.( My oncologist is retiring and a new one will be taking over my care, struggled with last one so not too worried.)

Because of quick reoccurance they think I may be platinum sensative as well. I have been told it is unlikely to be a cure now just keeping at bay.

I think I will put a few question on site as thinking of best way forward and asking for a second opinion and dont know where to start.

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I am do sorry about you news, sending you best wishes love x G x


Sorry about your news. The sooner you start the sooner you can give the cancer a kicking.

It is possible to live life with cancer so don't despair.

Good luck with it all

Sue x


Hi sorry about your news .

Please try and stay positive . Lots of ladies have had a recurrence and then in remission for a very long time




Dear Wigan

I'm really disappointed for you that the scan results are less than you hoped for. It's at a time like this waiting for a second appointment that thoughts go rushing round - well mine do anyway - and it just adds to the misery of the moment. It's good to have friends here to share your thoughts.

My oncologist said she'd be disappointed with a remission of six months but did tell me that while carbo-platin doesn't work on some women there are other things to try so I'm sure your oncologist will be coming with some ideas for you. It sounds as though you'll be pleased to be having a new consultant. That's really important. I didn't particularly see eye-to-eye with my first consultant. It wasn't as though I didn't trust her - it's just she didn't know what made me tick and was all doom and gloom which isn't how I got about things. I'm much happier with my new oncologist and I feel as though I'm making a good relationship with her despite the fact that she's bringing me bad news these days.

Are you enjoying working two days a week? If you are then I hope you can continue this. My remission is drawing to a close but I still have the energy to get out and about and this is very important to me.

So please keep posting. Keep chatting to us. We'll do our best to help.

By the way I just thought I'd mention that I looked up 'strithing' on Google just now because I hadn't heard that word before - and your blog comes up second in the Google Results list so it's accessible to the world at large. If you'd prefer your blog and the comments to be visible only to people who've logged on to Health Unlocked Ovacome you can change the privacy permissions of your blog by clicking on 'edit' and changing them in Section 3 - Who can see this post - and click on 'Visible to Members of the Community Only'.

Sending you big hugs and loads of love xxxx Annie



Thanks for your good wishes I will be going down chemo route. I don't think I will be able to work as I drive fifty miles to get to work. I am hoping to finish the project I am working on as they will let me work at home and I just get paid for hours I do. I have enjoyed being back as feel more normal. Struggled with chemo last time particularly tiredness. I have never slept through night since operation so think menopause may be part of that problem. I am determined to get out more this time I was very frightened of picking up infections last time but will get a happy medium this time.



Dear Sharon

Good luck with your chemo prescription. It sounds ideal if you can continue to work from home as and when you feel well enough. I was advised not to go into an office or crowded place the week the bloods were particularly low. Apart from that I got out and about which kept me feeling positive and well.

Send me a PM if you want to discuss or compare notes on treatment in Wales. According to my oncologist it's become a postcode lottery in Wales. She said the patient voice is the most influential and to use support networks to lobby for the treatment we need.

Best of luck. Keep in touch. xx love Annie


Thats like mine came back I refused chemo. as not a cure only holds back . I went on the Joanna Budwig diet and started in october then on 22nd november started hemp oil amazing combination my ca125 was475 now down to low 90s If you have chemo. the hemp oil has to work twice as hard so just do it I had nothing to loose and every thing to gain by taking a risk of course my onc. dead against it but had never heard of it look up on line Rick Simpson amazing results Hemp Oil not to be confused with hemp seed completely different and I hope you choose whats right for you lots of love Jenny 3 months chemo. for 6 months remission?hardly a way to live thats my take on it. if you want a link for hemp oil i will gladly pass it on, lots of love dont worry this could be the beginning of us all curing ourselves Jennyxxx


Sorry to hear this news. I hope you will be able to get the right treatment and have a long remission.

Love and best wishes

Mary xx


Hi WiganW,

I just wanted to give my take on this, everyone is entitled to make their own decisions I know, (and I know you are not saying this) but comments can cause confusion.....if I had refused chemo I wouldn't be here now, it isn't always the case of three months chemo for six months remission, when I had a recurrance I had palliative chemo to attempt shrink the tumour, with very little hope of going into remission, fast forward I have now been in remission for just over twelve months and the tumour I had has gone. I don't regret one moment of going back on chemotherapy for me it has been a life saver. Best wishes love x G x


Gwyn I know how passionate you are about chemo. but what do you do when its burnt you out and no more to be given? we must have an alternative as sometime no more can be given look at Sandy and the Budwig diet 13 years remission I am evidence together with hemp oil my ca125 now down to low 90s and feel good no horrible side effects.please dont dismiss it out of hand, I know its working for me


Hi Jenny,

Sandy had surgery followed by a course of chemotherapy,she hasn't (as far as I know) turned down treatment, and have since been in remission (so haven't had a recurrance), I agree she is an inspiration to us all....as I understand it she is doing her best (and succeeding) to keep herself cancer free....(I admire her success in this).

I think you are right it is time to try something else when no more can be given, but I don't feel I should discourage W when they can do something, and indeed are offering her more treatment, it is time to stop when this option has run out. I don't think I would still be here if I hadn't proceeded with my oncologist's advice....but there might come a time that my options will run out.

then and only then it might be time to look elsewhere.

We each must do what is best for ourselves, but I wouldn't advice others to stop treatment, at the end of the day it is our decision you going down the alternative route is obviously the right decision for you, like wise me going down the conventional route is the right decision for me.

It would be wrong of me to make judgements on the decision you have made for yourself ( your decision your life) I can only speak about my experience and it hasn't been the scenario of only six months remission, the scenario for my expected lifespan was six months this was wrong as well.

Love x G x


Hi Jenny.

I must point out that Sandy also took aspirin in a good dose and celecoxib, an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen also in a good dose, from shortly after her treatment. As she says herself, these could well have contributed to her 13 year remission, and I would think they did.

As a retired GP, I would say that chemo certainly has a place as a mainstay in treatment. Anything else is an add-on to that. Best to go with proven medical treatment in the first place, and use alternative medicine, if you like and are convinced, as an add-on treatment, rather than an alternative treatment on its own, when the cancer is not in remission. Chemo has well documented benefits, though the side effects are sometimes difficult to cope with. Some chemo will give years of remission - you never know what will happen.

Best wishes

Eileen xx


Sorry, to add to the above, meant to say that I would strongly agree with Gwyn in her comments.

Eileen xx


Sorry, seem to keep adding things! Just to make clear, Sandy is still taking aspirin and celecoxib.

E xx


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