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Re My lovely mum Sylvia passed away, funeral

Hello everyone,

Mum's funeral was on Thursday, and I just wanted to say it went amazingly well. No rain, 86 people attended the small church. I had been dreading the day, but could not have wished for it to had gone better. In my previous mail I mentioned a family friends daughter was going to sing Tears in heaven, only the day before the funeral we had a change of heart, Mum was a happy cheerful person and we all felt the song a bit too gloomy, so Florence suggested Somewhere over the rainbow, which we thought a bit more cheery. But when it came to it she just could not get the words out, I did so feel for her, but clever girl had the foresight to do a recording before the funeral, so we did get to hear her sing. Mum wanted to be buried with my Dad who died 32 years ago, so that was hard. The vicar decided he would say my poem to mum at the graveside and that was the hardest bit for me, my son Gareth was so distraught, but I think because of that I had to be strong for him. He was so very close to his Nan. The poem below is the one I found for my lovely brave mum who I will miss forever, but the words just sum up all of my feelings.


I awake each morning to start a new day

But the pain of losing you never goes away.

I go about the things I have to do

And as the hours pass I think again of you.

I want to call you and just hear your voice

Then I remember that I have no choice

For you are not there and now my heart cries

Just to see you again to tell you goodbye

To say Mum I love you and I always will

And hope that much of you, in me you’ve instilled.

The day that you left I just didn’t know

That you were going where I couldn’t go.

And now all my memories of you are so dear

But gosh, how I miss you and wish you were here.

Who now can hear me when I need to cry?

It so hard to tell you “Mum goodbye.”

Someday I know all will be well

And I’ll see you again with stories to tell

Of how you were missed and how we have grown

And how good it is to finally be home.

Until then my memories of you I’ll keep near

And I’ll pass them on to those who are dear.

I Love and miss you Mum,

From Susan

I truly wish each and every one of you all the very best, be strong.



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I love your poem, it's so apt. It must have been a very hard day for you, but I'm glad it went well. Best wishes, Vxxx


That is a beautiful poem Susan. Thank you for writing about the funeral. I'm glad the rain stayed away, I know that makes a difference. What a good idea to record the song in advance.

Love to you and your family.

Mary xx


Love to you all xxx


What a sad day but a beautiful poem and a thoughtful way of saying farewell to your dear Mum.

All the best in the weeks ahead to you and the family

Love Wendy xx


Hi Susan did you write that poem your self? it is so lovely thank you for sending it to us, I have two daughters and feel so much for you I brought up my grandson Ben now 17 years old and I dread the day I go because we have such a close bond, it got to me when you said your own lad was bereft. Your Mum will always be near you and always in your heart. Much Love to you and your family Jenny xx



I only wish I could have written a poem for Mum, but sad to say I found it on the internet, I went through quite a lot of poems, saw Missing Mum, and it was as if it had been written for me, it said everything I felt. It is my son Gareth's 21st tomorrow, he is away at uni, but he found a photo of his Nan and him in London about 14 years ago, they looked so happy together, he said he wanted a copy of the picture, so I managed to get a lovely picture frame for the photo, with the added bonus that it said 21 on it as well. He opened it early and was so pleased with such a simple gift, it is now pride of place in his room on his desk.

Take care and don't be afraid to tell loved ones you love them. My cousin and aunts have both called me today and told me that Mum loved me dearly, such a comfort.




How lovely that the photo is of them both, for him to treasure, my photo on this site is of me with my lovely grand daughter Cleo who I adore but i must get one with Ben too before its to late and we always tell our family how much we really love them so important not to take for granted well done for organising every thing must have been a very difficult time for you all. I have told mine what I want as I do not believe in religion but believe in an after life even though it does not sit easy with humanist I want a humanist send off. So made sure they knew that. take care Susan and thanks for your response Jenny xxx


Hi Susan thank you so much for sharing your day,my thought and prayers are with you at this very sad time for you and your family.


A beautiful poem - sending love during such a sad time for you all.



What a beautiful and moving tribute to a well loved Mum, it was from the heart. I am sure she would be very proud of you.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Regards Barbara.


It was a lovely thing to pay tribute to your Mum in that way. Sending you my love .. Tina x x


Thank you for sharing this with us Susan. The poem is so moving.

My thoughts are with you.


Zannah x


Hi my Mum has just passed away and I found this poem too and thought exactly the same as you in that it was written for me in how I feel. I am going to try and read it out at her funeral. It will be very hard to do. A day I am dreading.


My mum sadly passed away two weeks ago, it is her funeral next week and I too am using the above poem along with another. My mum was so important to me and my family and gas left a huge whole in all our hearts. I hope your mums funeral goes as well as it could do x


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