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Thank you all, re my Mums passed away

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the kind words. I have been struggling with the order of service for Mum's funeral, being an only child, with an 83 yr old step father who does not believe in funerals it has all landed on my shoulders, but I have to say I would not have had it any other way. I spoke to my auntie today and told her I just did not know what to write, where to start with the eulogy, she told me to sit down quietly and think of Mum, that Mum would help me. So this evening armed with my computer I sat down. After a slow start things started to come to mind and before I knew it I have 2 whole pages of memories of Mum, it all just flowed.

I then received a call from a friend of Mum's, she used to look after his 4 children, and one of the girls has offered to sing at

Mum's funeral. Tears in heaven. He told me to go to YouTube and search for flo Pugh tears in heaven and there she is singing, I cried and cried, Mum loved to watch her sing. By all means have a look, but have a hanky at the ready:). So I started the day with so much worry re the order of service and have ended it feeling much happier, we will do her proud.

Love to you all


Sylvia's daughter

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Dear Susan,

Your eulogy will have come from the heart so as you say you will do your Mum proud.

My thoughts continue to be with you.


Zannah x


Dear Susan I think you would have made your mum proud and the singing is beautiful.

Here is the link - best wishes


My thoughts are with you, That's all I can say. Vxxx


There's beauty in loss sometimes. I had some lovely moments with my Mum too before she went and those memories have sustained me. When I find things hard, I find her words give me strength so to my mind, she's always with me. Love finds a way. Love Tina x x


Susan and Gwyn, its so lovely to watch the clip and so kind of you Gywn to link it. I think that its a difficult but very personal time that you are having with Mum and in a very poignant way I'm sure you will treasure it . Thank you so much for posting this as it must have been hard... Dy xx


I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, Susan. I really sympathised with you, too, as I read how difficult it was for you, trying to arrange the funeral without your Stepfather's help. It must have made the whole thing so much worse. Thank goodness for your Auntie. Must be such a relief for you when the words and memories came flooding in. I think the song being sung by someone who your Mum had cared for will be so moving.

I hope all goes smoothly for you in the next few days. I'll be thinking of you,

Love Solange


thinking of you at this sad time. glad the funeral arrangements are all coming together now. what a wise aunt you have. please a accept my condolences.


Susan she is with you and that's why all is turning out so well for the funeral, were all thinking of you take care.

Love Jenny xxx


Susan , so sad to hear another lovely lady passing away from this horrible disease. As had been said by others say what you feel in your heart about your mum. Feel for you organising the funeral but remember it's all for your mum.

My heart felt sympathies to you & your family Sue xxx


PS Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton, one of my favourite songs sadly written when his little boy Connor died aged 5 years old. A beautiful song for a lovely lady.

Sue xxx.


I am a strong believer that those we loose help us in many ways and your mum will certainly help you again and again. Big hugs Amanda xx


Susan, very sorry for your loss.

Love, Fernanda




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