Replaced kidney stents

Hi all Havnt posted for a while but wondering if anyone else is suffering with kidney stents. I have just had mine changed and am bleeding quite a lot when I wee. They have re inserted the plastic ones which cause my bladder to be really irritated but say I could have metal ones hopefully in the future has anyone had any experience with either it would be nice to share experiences as they don't tell you how uncomfortable they can be

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  • Hi i have a stent in right kidney and due for change but with chemo probably wont change till finished had 2 in when first ad operation in 2015 and mine were painfull but as got on and they changed them it got better i dont no i av this one but at first yeah there was blood in wee was told to drink plently fluids to ease that also they do move about but they get easier had mine in 12mths get bit backache but thats only wen not gone to toilet wen should do as they say if u have to go..go xxx but if they cause to much problems speak to your dr mite be able to check them for you xxxx

  • Hi Maureen I have a kidney stent fitted not sure if it's plastic or metal though I had a lot of problems with my first one urine infections etc I had this changed about 3 months ago I did bleed a few days after but that settled down and this one feels much better don't realise it's there really x

  • Hi I have a stent and it's due for a change, at first I did bleed when I went for a wee and had backache but as time has gone on I'm aware it's there if I need a wee but on the whole it's fine. Xx

  • I had a plastic stent initially which rubbed the bladder wall causing pain and some bleeding. I've had it replaced twice with metal stents that only need changing yearly. They have been much better, you forget it is there. I do get some bleeding immediately after changing, resolves by drinking plenty of fluids.

  • The first two I had caused me lots of irritation and bleeding and these new ones look to be doing the same I am bleeding quite a lot I am hoping to have the metal ones fitted next time so I will leave it a month and then make another appointment . What with coping with the effects of the cancer and the medication this is just something else for us to bear but I keep reminding myself that the alternative is much worse.

  • I dont really have any experience of this but hopefully it will settle for you if not do go to your gp as you may have an infection,

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