2nd kidney stent and nephrostomy

Hi lovely ladies

I have now been told I have Kidney Failure and will need a nephrostomy as well as a 2nd stent, I am really struggling to come to terms with this, if I don't have this procedure I won't be able to have more treatment as my kidney function is too low, I know this procedure needs to be done and that treatment also has to resume but it's hard to come to terms with, I have spoke to my CNS and she's been calming and lovely and supportive but I must admit I'm scared and I don't admit that lightly, I'm usually a person that has a cry and then marches on but I can't seem to do that this time, my procedure is tomorrow as they don't want to waste time and delay treatment. Has anyone had any experience with this and can offer me any advise.

Thank you


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  • Hi Karen,

    Sorry to hear you've had that news which must be a shock and a blow. I can't offer any shared experiences I just wanted you to know that I'd read your post and send you lots of love and caring thoughts. You know you do need the procedure and it's good that they aren't delaying it but it must be scary as you said. I hope someone on here can share their experience with you but there will be a lot of loving thoughts winging your way and I hope that you can feel it.

    Good luck for tomorrow

    Take care

    Clare xxx

  • Thank you Clare xx

  • What do you hope to get from treatment?

    Is the stent operation not needed if you have no further treatment?

    Have you had a second opinion?

    These are questions I would ask in your shoes. It's a scary business this cancer lark, and not all consultants sing from the same hymn sheet.

    LA xx

  • Thanks LA questions to ask my onc and renal team tomorrow xx

  • Hello Karen, I don't have any personal experience of this but there's some information here from NHS / Macmillan regarding nephrostomy: nhs.uk/ipgmedia/national/Ma...

    From reading it, it looks as if it has to be done very quickly to protect your kidney but that a successful stent procedure means it can then be removed.

    Perhaps someone with personal experience may come on line shortly to share their experience.

    All the best!

  • Thank you for the link I will read this information, xx

  • Have been having stints since 2013 . One kidney is dead i will soon be 69. Several scares not getting to dr soon enough so close they thought about. Dialicus. Don't want that. First every 6 months now 3 months when it's done feel so much better.

  • Hi ive got a stent in my right kidney.. had one in each kidney when had operation for my cancer bk in 2015.. did take left one out but still have right one was due for it to be changed nov 16 but as i was still avin chemo said leave until feb now but still waiting for appointment aven't had any problems with stent.. but they do help your kidney''s as in 2015 before my hysterectomy my kidneys had got larger due to pressure of ovarian mass.. and now my kidney's are working at 88% out 90 so doc said all good.. all the best sending u hugs xxxx

  • Thank you it's good to know and great news that your kidney is working well to


  • Sorry I can't help with your question Karen but sending you love and a hug. Good luck for tomorrow xo

  • Thanks Julie xx

  • Hi Karen,

    Sending big hugs of encouragement, my kidney function was ok so I can't empathise but I can sympathise with your worry. Good luck with your procedure tomorrow, lots of love ❤️ xx Jane

  • Thanks Jane xx

  • Sorry cant help with you question but I want to wish you well for your procedure tomorrow, let us know how you get on

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi I have 2 kidney stents which have to stay in permanently. They are changed every 6 months and are due to be changed again in a few weeks time. at first I was extremely upset as I could find no one with the same experience as mine. They were very uncomfortable and I was constantly wanted to pass urine. I just wanted someone to say that it would get better. However after a year and two changes of stent I can honestly say that your body does get used to them and you can live with them quite normally. Good luck hope all goes well.

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Karen

    Just want to wish you all the best. Do hope your procedure went well. I have had some experience. Before chemo started last August, my kidneys needed support. A uretic stent was successfully inserted on one side but I ended up with a nephrostomy on the other side. It was a bit if a shock and it took me a little while to adjust to the new normal but the community nurses were incredibly kind and supportive and there was help at the end of a phone whenever I needed it 24/7. After a couple of months, they managed to stent the second kidney so the nephrostomy was reversed. To be very honest, it wasn't the easiest thing to deal with but I got through it and am sure that a normally strong person like you will do so too.

    Jo xx

  • Thanks jo x

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