Kidney stent intermittent bleeding


This is my first post but was just wondering if anyone has had kidney stents. I had my first one in May and the second one put in a month ago . I have been in a lot of pain and am constantly still feeling like I need the loo. I also get blood in my urine at night. Is there anyone out there who is experiencing the same problems as I have been told they will need to stay in permanently but be changed every 3 months the thought of going through this every time is making me feel really low.

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  • I am afraid I have no experience with stents but perhaps you should go and talk to your gp, it is not nice to be in pain,

  • Hi I have had a kidney stent and I haven't had many problems, I am aware that it is there when I wee but no bleeding or needing the loo. I was told there might be blood in my urine but that would soon go. If I was you I would tell my medical team what you are experiencing, you might have an infection.

    I am due to change this stent so not looking forward to it, hope you get sorted out

    Karen x

  • Thanks for your reply . I have been tested for infection and it's okay .

    Do you have one or two ? The first one did not cause so much pain but I now have two and it is very sore.


  • I have one, I was told although I would be aware it's there it shouldn't be painful. I'm sorry I can't advise you on having two stents, but I wouldn't think it should be as painful as you are experiencing. When I had it in I must admit the first few days were sore but after that all ok.

    I would go back to the gp and say how much pain you are in.

    Hope you get it sorted out XX

  • Hi I had a kidney stent fitted last Dec I have had lots of infections and pain when weeing, but no bleeding I'm due to have mine changed on tues it has been in 9 months! I had to wait till I finished chemo as I wasn't well enough x

  • September it was fitted it should say!

  • Thanks guys I am Also on blood thinners so am wondering if that's what is causing the bleeding . Thanks for advice

  • I had a kidney stent because the cancer had compressed the ureta from one of my kidneys to my bladder. I had no pain or problems at the beginning but almost constant urinary tract infections with urgency and pain peeing after about 6 months. Then more chemo shrunk the tumour and I had the stent taken out. Now the same problem is back but my oncologist advises that the kidney is probably non functional or has very little function and since I still have one good kidney doing the job intervention is not going to be very effective and should not be done for the sake of it. I don't know if a urologist would agree. I find that specialists tend to concentrate on their own area of expertise. I'm going with the oncologist because I don't want UT infections again. Good luck with it and best wishes. Liz

  • Hi i had stents in both my kidneys last may before my debulking and hysterectomy and i had them done in radiology so it had to be done quick so my surgery could be done and god i felt everything as they did it under local anisthectic... so i had pain altime standing'walking i felt like i had a needle constantly piercing my bladder and also had faint red water altime.. had them for 7 months... then dec 2015 went into have i was hoping them taken out in different department but was put to sleep but they left my right stent in and thats bein in since its bein changed twice but gosh these are better i cant really feel them except bit pressure on my bladder like a ache but once i have drink water it eases.. one thing i have noticed is before i go to bed i dont wee but im up in night for one now... how were yours inserted... try drinking more fluids think that moves stents.... but i would double check with consultant and tell them if there causing alot pain i know i used take pain killers with first lot stents hope you get answers love loads xxx

  • Hi ya, I also had mine inserted whilst awake was horrible. I am also having red stained wee especially during night . I am on blood thinners also so thought it may be that . Hearing that someone else has had same experience as me makes me feel so much better . I have to have mine in permanently I think as I have already had 2nd debulking surgery. 2nd round of chemo also not successful so am now on tamoxifen .

  • Yes i was only clexaine blood thinner's for 12 months.. i also had blood in wee after nights sleep the stents move and even now with just one in right kidney i can feel it when lie down and do have alot lower right backache why i take pain killers im waiting results of ct scan as bloods rose to 180 the waiting is killing me just keep thinking its back as finished my chemo november 15 carbol/taxol.. ad total abdominal hysterectomy so all out as they say i was grade 3b last may.. what we go through and suffer after it emense hope you drink loads fluid i drink a glass cranberry juice aday now to flush my system

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