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Kidney Scan

Today I have a kidney ultrasound, I hate going to hospital appointments on my own. I'm also guessing I need to go back to my doctor, they have doubled the dose of my thyroid tablets, but I'm exhausted all the time and back at work, my skin has lots of itchy patches so I'm constantly scratching which can't be good for business.

Only five weeks til my holiday yet putting one foot in front fo the other is an effort, why can't I just perk up, it's really starting to get me down now :( I was on the running macjine for about five minutes and my legs had enough, my weight is also creeping up, which they did say was a symptom of my thyroid, but pre-holiday!! Boo hoo .....

LA xx

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Dear L-A,

I think you are incredible; but you might be doing too much too soon!

I would get the tests done, go home and rest- and feel well enough to enjoy your holiday. Don't forget that, as well as the massive physical insult your body has suffered within the last year, you've had a massive existential shock that can take as much toll of our resources.

Get well soon.



Hi Lily-Anne,

All the best for your scan and thinking of love x G x


Hi Lily-Anne.

I hope all goes well with your scan. I know what you mean about going on your own I hate It I went on my own last saturday For an MRI then on tuseday I went for a DEXA scan again on my own. It is a horrible feeling sitting waiting on your own so I do sympathise with you.

I also know how you feel about being tired all the time. Im so fed up with myself as I have no energy what so ever and being back at work is so difficult. And well.... Going to the gym is just out of the question I do about 5 mins and then my legs hurt to much. So like yourself my weight is creeping up and therefore making me very unhappy with myself. I wont go out socially anymore so this causes arguments at home and im also very bored at home. So you have my full heart felt sympathies because I know exactly how you feel.

Thake care and chin up

lots of love suzanne. xxxxx


Thanks ladies, am feeling better now, scan was okay I asked how they looked and she okay, but ultrasound is limited, so kidneys have to be quite poorly to show anything significant, don't know if that was reassuring or not!

A bit of drama in the car park, as I was driving around looking for a space, a car reversed into me, or so I thought, it had actually rolled out of the space and there was nobody in it, so I have had to inform the insurance company, it has damaged my car and then after that it rolled into two others and damaged them. Luckily there are attendants in there and they have written a report. This car has been so unlucky, looking forward to a new one next year.

LA xx



It takes a long time to get over the operation you had. I know we all like to think we

can bounce back to how we felt pre op but as I have found out myself it doesn't always

turn out as we thought. I was extremely fit before surgery but I am also struggling

to regain my energy and I thought give me 3 months and I will be back to my normal

self. Although I have also had carbo/taxol chemo which takes it out of you too.

Look after yourself and try and have plenty of rest periods if you can. I know you have

a busy life and working too .... don't know how you do it. As for the weight gain I am

9st.7lbs but my tum is fat and flabby. I mentioned it to my onc last week and she says

we expect you to put weight on there and not to worry and the muscles won't tighten

up because of the vertical cut which damages the muscles.

Hope your scan results are good news.

Best Wishes

Angie x


Dear Lily-Anne

Horrible week generally. I'm really sorry - and then to cap it all the accident in the car park.

I'm not at all sure it's good to get on a running machine if you're exhausted. Can you ask the gym about joining an exercise class that would be more suited to your health at the moment. I've had an Exercise Referral from my GP and have started classes which are specially designed for people who are living with health problems or recuperating. They are really good fun and are designed for you to do as much or as little as you want.

I hope you get these problems sorted out so you can enjoy your holiday.

Best wishes. Love Annie xxx


Try to be in a peaceful place x I saw a saying and it's so true... There are 2 ways to healing.. 1 is faith and god and the other is TIME! How true this turns out to be x


Hi there Lily-Anne ...

There is an old saying 'Rome wasnt built in a day ' and that is very true in a lot of lifes suitations ..Gill is so right ..we all need time to let our selves heal but with the pace of life we all lead that is not always possible . With your Thyroid problem as well as the general tiredness you have to slow it down .....

Your break will do you the world of good x

Love Jan xxx


Hi lily-anne, hope you start to feel a little better soon. Can only echo what the other ladies have said about slowing down and charging the batteries.. but also understand the whole 'going on holiday and wanting to look nice!' - i think we all feel that way on some level or too at the minute as im going away in may but feel like im not getting anywhere on the losing weight front! hopefully the weather will pick could always take some nice walks? fresh air and sunshine (if it ever stays for long enough) is an ok equivalent to the treadmill!! Xxx


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