Back ache

Hi warriors,

Iv not posted in a while but have been reading other posts daily. Hoping everyone is enjoying their weekend.

I have to date had 4 carbo/taxol followed by extensive radical surgery in May this year resulting in an ileostomy too. Iv had two carbo only then two carbo/taxol/avastin. I have 1 chemo left thankfully, then 15 avastin only.

Throughout the day I develop back pain if I try to do too much. Sometimes I go shopping and it comes on while just walking and loading the trolley.

If I put a hot water bottle on it and rest it goes off eventually, but on my good days I want to get out and about.

Does anyone else get this? and if so how do u deal with it? Any tips on how I can help get rid of it as I feel it's never going to go.

Thinking of you all

Mandy, xx

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  • Hi Mandy, I'm the same as you . Finished chemo 5 weeks ago and now just on Beva (Avastin) every 3 weeks until next june. I notice lower back pain and pain in hips when I'm out shopping or walking. I have had ache in my left leg today too. Thought I'd mention it when I see the oncologist .


  • Great to hear you have finished chemo Ann.

    Thanks for your reply, it does ease the mind to think this is normal.

    Hope it goes for you soon.

  • Hi Mandy, I have lower back pain that comes and goes. It makes me walk all stooped over. Then strangely can be gone a day or two later. This happened throughout my carbo/taxol chemo and even now approx 5 weeks after the last treatment. My onc puts it down to chemo. She took a close look at that area of the ct scan as I'd been worried but it is completely clear.

    I take co codamol and hope that like the neuropathy, wobbly eyes etc it will reduce over the next few months.

    Hugs, T.x

  • I'm hoping so too T, fingers crossed for us both it's just a side effect that will diminish. Thanks for your reply,

  • Mandy - I just wanted to offer my thoughts and ((hugs))...I'm sure it's a side effect of the treatment and hopefully that will subside in time, but i guess having a chat with your onc wouldn't hurt. It must be ever so frustrating particularly when you're feeling so well. Hot water bottles are my miracle cure for almost everything. After my first op but before my second I bought myself a Yuyu bottle (google them...they're awesome) because it's long enough to wrap around my middle, warming both my lower back and tummy at the same time. GENIUS! All you warriors should treat yourself to one (and if not...Xmas is right around the corner!) :) xx

  • Wow, I googled them they look amazing. Great for round your shoulders too. Thanks for the advice. Hope u doing well. Xx

  • Hi Mandy,

    My favourite piece of advice for aches and pains is an Epsom salt bath! I'm also suffering from an unexpected pain at the moment, and have had an Epsom salt bath every day. They are lovely and relaxing and the magnesium helps to improve your mood too.

    Maybe ask your onc if you are concerned?

    Anyway, I hope your back pain improves and that over time it lessens until one day you realise it hasn't occurred in weeks.

    Yosh xx

  • I can second Epsom salt baths...swear by them! Not only do you get the benefit of a nice warming bath, but it's a general good detoxifier too! I also take a supplement called ZMA (been taking these for years as they have always helped me as i suffer badly from DOMS when i train hard)...namely zinc and magnesium xx

  • I've got my whole family into them! Hubby has one every couple of days, and we use them for my eldest daughter who suffers from growing pains in her legs.

    Hubby has also started to make bath bombs with Epsom salt too! I've just enjoyed a lovely lavender one, although the concentration of Epsom salt isn't as strong as I'd like.

  • Ooh nice, the bath bombs sound lovely. Love the way they fizz and with the added epsom salt bonus! :) Happy experimenting...honey is another good ingredient for super soft skin or peppermint essence for a zingy fresh after feel :) x

  • Thanks for your reply. I spotted some Epsom salts in home bargains the other day and was gonna get some. I must make it a priority.

  • If you find you like them, you can buy them far more cheaply on line! I can recommend an online supplier if you are interested? I started off buying a 5kg tub, but now I buy it in 25kg quantities πŸ˜‚ You need two cupfuls in the bath to get the biggest benefit, so don't be stingy with it (and hence why I buy so much!). A bit of bicarbonate of soda also helps to alkalise the body, which is good for cancer busting.

  • Yosh, your poor Postie could perhaps do with a bag of salts for Christmas πŸ˜‚

    Debs xxx

  • πŸ˜‚ That's probably true! I'll give him some home-made bath bombs πŸ˜†

  • I get mine in HB too. Cheap as chips compared to Boots. xxx

  • I agree epsom salts bath for twenty minutes is a godsend for aches and pains. The effects of Carbo and taxol seem to linger on for months post treatment as the stuff is still working away in your body. Make sure you have comfy shoes and ditch the favourites as they are probably worn out, I buy new shoes but tend to wear the old ones and its not good if they are worn.

  • I bought a really comfy pair of trainers designed for walking. They have been brilliant in helping my back but too much to ask for them to take the pain away all together. I wish they did. I suppose time after my chemo finishes will be a great healer. Thanks for your reply Suzuki, you are always wise and kind with your posts on here. Xx

  • I had to discard the sketchers for walking it seems they are not that great, I also had to get trainers asics gel 3 contend for cushion support and that is helping my hip, problem is that now I dont want to wear anything else. I have bought a pair of comfy winter shoes to wear going out with jeans or pants etc.

  • They sound similar to mine. I need to find some shoes to wear with jeans as I can't wear my trainers with everything, they just not smart enough. X

  • I fancy a pair of Doc Martins. I'm in the mood for a bit of bovver...

    Debs xxx

  • Now thats an idea and they are also good for kicking people where it hurts I believe, I am so nasty but I hate when nice people get hurt

  • I picked up a pair of pitillos which are comfy and smart and warm too warm for now to be honest, My Rheumatologist told me to ditch worn shoes as they do you no favours. I dont think he like my pink ascics haha

  • Hi Mandy. No back pain for me but achy thigh muscles when I walk any distance. I hope some of the tips given here work for you. Daily pain is very wearing. Good luck x

  • Hi Mandy-

    I have suffered lower back pain long before I met cancer. I am on my last chemo tomorrow but not without its cumulative toll. My back has gotten worse, nails separating, lots of neuropathy.

    What i might recommend is trying an ice pack on your lower back instead of heat. Heat feels soooo good but causes inflammation. Try ice for 20 minutes after you have been out and about. Do not ice then do exercises. Good luck and hopefully it will resolve over time.

    XX Carol

  • Hi carol,

    Hope your last chemo treats you well. Mine is next Tuesday. I can't wait to be finished. Well done for getting to the end. Celebrate in style when you feel up to it.

    Mandy, xx

  • Mandy-Glad you will make it to the chemo finish line also! wish we could all celebrate together!!! Let us know how you are doing and if your back issues resolve.

    Xx Carol

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