Last chemo treatment today!

Last chemo treatment today!

I've had a great day!! Today was my last chemo. I was able to get my treatment that I normally get over 3 weeks in one treatment today so I AM DONE!! I'm so thrilled. Still bad pain in my hands with neuropathy but doc put me on Cymbalta. Anyone on that? Also throughout my treatment I have not received Neulasta. Today I did receive the on body injection of Neulasta. It will dispense tomorrow about 2pm. Any info, experience, etc. about this is greatly appreciated!! Can it get wet like to take a shower? Thank you in advance!!

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  • Congratulations on finishing chemo - what a great feeling! I hope the next few days aren't too rough and you can enjoy being at the end of treatment :-) xx

  • Echoing what YoshBosh said! Congrats on finishing it's a great feeling even if you feel crap for the next few days!

    All the best!


  • Congratulations on your chemo completion! I had the Neulasta on body injector one time, after that I self injected after being sent the medication (per my insurance). I can't remember if I showered with the on-body.

    Sometimes Neulasta causes bone pain. Claritin for some reason has been found to help with / prevent this. I started taking it the day before injection and for about four days after. I didn't get any pain. Hopefully you don't either. Wishing you all the best. Dee

  • Great photo and I love your t shirt - congratulations on getting to this place!! Once you start to feel better then try to make the time to celebrate - I found it all a bit of an anti climax and hubby and I made a real effort to actually mark that time.

    Clare xx

  • Congratulations! Now when you experience your usual side effects you can say "OK, that's the last time I will have to go thru that!" And you get to start watching your hair grow! Great times ahead. Happy for you.

  • Well done . So happy for you . Your smile says it all. Keep on smiling !


  • lovely photo, so glad for you, finishing chemo is a great feeling, enjoy good times to come xxxx Jeanette

  • Good for you.

    Have no experience of Neulasta.

    Take care xxx

  • It's a great feeling to know it's over, isn't it? Once you're over the side effects of this last one, you can slowly get to feel better and better. All the best!

  • Congratulations­čśÇ I had cymbalta to aid in nerve healing from numbness. I have nerve pain in my feet and ankles now (on avastin alone). I have been switched to lyrica. I have only been on it a few days but not convinced it is working. I was on it on top of the cymbalta and that did not work. My best pain reduction results have been from physio, ice or other cooling and using ibuprofen and occasionally solpadene.


  • Well done ! You look great !

    Judy xx

  • Well done on finishing your last chemo, love the t shirt. Julie xx

  • Congratulations well done getting through treatment, I am on Naproxen for the neuropathy. I am so pleased for you, remember too be kind to yourself your body and mind have been through so much.

    Ellsey xx

  • Well done, here's to a great recovery and cancer stability. Xx

  • Well done I hope everything goes well for you ­čśâ

  • So glad you've done it!!!! What a great feeling you must have. your beautiful smile says it all!!! I give myself the neupogen shots for four days in a row after i have low white counts but no experience with the body injection. Go treat yourself to something special!!!


  • THANK YOU ALL for the kind and encouraging words! My treatment center gave me the shirt and I love it. The back says "AND PROUD OF IT"! No truer statement! ;) Blessings to all of you. Wish you all the best. I'm still going to be keeping up with posts on here & help in whatever little way I can! xxxxx


  • Congratulations! I take Cymbalta, but only for Fibro. Helps settle the nerves throughout your system, one good side effect is weight loss. I have been on it so long that part doesn't work for me anymore, and my Oncologist says I can't loose weight.. But I'm not her! I have only had Neulasta in the stomach between treatments when my count was low.

  • Well done wishing you all the best xx

  • So happy for you! I had neupogen during my treatments, so no experience with neulasta....sorry.

    I have neuropathy in my feet, but have not taken anything for it.

    I wish you an everlasting remission! JudyV

  • Well done Alnovca, that is something to celebrate. I am on lyrica for neuropathic pain. I have fibromyalgia and have been on the lyrica since before I was diagnosed with cancer.

    Wishing you all the very best life has to offer..



  • Well done on getting past the finish line! Now you need to give your body time to build itself back up again and start to recover. I finished 2ns line treatment earlky August and I'm still very tired, especially if I've had a busy day

    Love the T-shirt. xx

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