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last chemo or is it ?

Just had my last chemo carboplatin or is it ? first Ca 125 65, went down to 35 first treatment but going up now 43 after last, so dont feel too confident it has worked so have to wait for a scan no date as yet but have been told not to worry as if I feel well get on with life, which i am doing and looking forward to Christmas with my grandchildren, but still in the back of my mind, but its going to be the best Christmas ever ! love to everyone on this site, its helped me so much, it really has. to hear all you women out there doing the same, my nexxt appt is 21 Dec !! love to you all x

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Hi Bosue,

I have been looking to talk to you as I saw that you had mentioned your CA125 was not all you had hoped after chemo. My situation is also that my first line chemo has not been all I had hoped. I had my 6th first line chemo of carbo/taxol on 28/10/2011. After 3 it had gone down to 90, but by number 6 I was back up to 155. The same as post up, but pre chemo. CT and MRI scans have shown nothing nasty yet except a small amount of fluid still in the abdomen. I am expecting a PET scan, but will chase that when I see my oncologist on Friday next week.

Basically, like you I have been told that the trick with this disease is to live with it rather than keep worrying. Although we all know we can not expect a cure (though some seem to achieve it) we can expect it to be controlled for a while, and that is what we have to do. As one of our ladies said of chemo...Margaret?...treat it as a nasty job which we have to do to allow us the things we want to.

Let us know how you get on Bosue and take comfort your CA125 is lower than mine. I dream of a CA125 of 43 ;-)

Love Lizzie



ca 125 isnt everything and your scans are clear so good for you, i'm waiting for an appointment fingers crossed thanks for your reply and good luck x


Hi Bosque,

Indeed I think we all end worrying about our CA125. Mine has never been high despite being diagnosed late stage. The lowest I have ever got down to is 19 and this year, although the tumours have been shrinking, the CA125 has been rising. There is no fluid anywhere and my Oncologist just doesn't quite know what is going on. I had a change of treatment, they put Carboplatin with my Avastin, the CA125 initially shrunk but is now up again to 200. What it will be on the 30th, fingers crossed !! On the other hand I meet ladies at hospital with theirs well above 2,000 - I would be in panic mode if mine hit that level.

I think some ovarian ladies are lucky and do get a reprieve from chemo and even remission, but I am not one of those, so I now just treat my chemo as maintenance treatment, just like I do for my asthma. Unfortunately it does have worse side effects plus those dreadful full days at hospital. But it is true, it is something we have to go through to allow us to live as near normal a life as possible.

My motto is and you may have heard it before - whilst I have cancer, cancer does not have me !!

Anna xx



Iam on 5th line chemo diagnosed fallopian tube ca in 2007. ca125 in july 2011 was3,800. Just on my 16th week of 18 weekly taxol and am down to 448!!! Why doesn't this cancer just give up.


Soapsuds I feel a bit of a fraud worrying abut my ca 125 seeing other peoples, but yours is certainly going down so you are going in the right direction, good luck, love Sue x


Never feel a fraud Bosue. These results ct and 125 are always a worry however are down the line you are and we are all human. I worry add up, subtract, read the scan results time and time again trying to pick up hidden things!! In the end we reallty have no choice but go along with it all and keep fighting.

Good luck for your results.

Love Suex


Hi Bosue

My ca125 was 2400 when diagnised in March 2010, came down to 34 after chemo and surgery, but has been steadily rising and is now 100. I had ct on Friday and hear tomorrow if it's back. So yes I share with you the fear of a rising ca125, but also agree with Anna whilst I have cancer it does not have me, and I try and live as positive life as possible....which although not always easy, the disease has helped me live live more fully, taking joy in the tiniest things. So good to be able to share this on this site too...I agree!

Best of luck!



florence, just seen your reply, have posted on your question, so you can ignore the questions, but still keep us informed. love Sue x


Hi bosue,

I know we were going through chemo about the same sort of time. I'm waiting on the results of my CT scan my CA125 was 180. The lowest it got to was 159 after the second cycle


ScardyCat40 My appointment with consultant is 21 Dec and when I rang no appointment for a scan, so I have asked for one,just hoping it comes through before 21st. when do you get your results? I think you were a week in front of me. Good luck and let me know how you get on Love Sue x


I get the results on Thursday will also have some more blood tests


Hi, how were your results ? X


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