Incomplete chemo treatment

Hi, would like to know experiences and story about ppl who did not complete their chemotherapy /treatment and did not opt to it at all. Please share your story. I also would like to know if you practising any healthy food and remedy , any/type of test being done, alternative and etc. Those diagnosed with "Ruptured Granalosa Cell Tumor " kindly share your experiences too.

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  • Hi,

    I had one session of chemo, then I decided not to continue, you can read my story here grapefruitandwine.blogspot....

    Best wishes


  • thank you but where do I get the continuity of yr story after 1st April 2013 post?

  • grapefruitandwine.blogspot....

    Thought I had put in the whole link oops

  • alrite all are good news .thank you for sharing and please continue to write your journey.

  • grapefruitandwine.blogspot....

    Thought I had put in the whole link oops

  • Thanks for this Lily-Anne. Very close to my own story. Wish I had also kept a blog. Xxx

  • Hi,am just about to start my chemo, with great reluctance, but as it's my first time, want to give it a go!!!

    With regards to healthy foods/remedies, have always had low fat diet and eaten sensibly, since my cancer diagnosis, my daughter has done much research for me with regards to those foods which help to fight the cancer cells, consequently my daily diet always consists of much green tea, juices comprising fresh vegetables especially kale and spinach, ginger. There us much advice on the web in support of the anti cancer dietsso my advice to you is to give it a go.xx

  • Hi Jackie0, all the best and thank you for sharing.

  • I have had OC since 2006. After my first recurrence in 2009/2010, gynae nurse suggested I juice and use milled flaxseed. So I have done that nearly every day, you should make juice more veg than fruit and only green apples. I would also drink some green tea with a spoon of manuka honey. Sprinkle of tumeric on food is also good. I am still here after round four staying on Avastin, have to start the green tea again. Bloods good and scan stable, tummy lymph nodes up a little but that could be due to a tummy bug I had round scan time.

  • hi Suzuki, thanks for sharing.If you are staying in Asia , do google the benefits of Sabah Snake Grass and AHCC mushroom.

  • Hi Zbee, I was uncomfortable with the whole idea of chemo but eventually had 2 sessions of carboplatin under pressure from family however at my third appointment I walked out. I can't tell you why, it just did not feel like the right thing to do. Wishing you the best of luck whatever you

  • hi dawnieg, I believe the 2 session you took might have helped I also think that whatever written in the medical book 3 or 6 cycle of chemo are based on general studies after all its individual body work differently .. maybe yours mop out entirely in 2 sessions. Do share how long u had been free cancer and is there any special diet/ remedy your are practising ...

  • My granulosa cell tumour ruptured during surgery in 2008. Afterwards, I was told, like many ladies with this type of tumour, that the prognosis was good. I may get a recurrence, but it was likely not to be for 20 years. I think some ladies on this site have been told 30 years. A long time anyway. And I was relieved about that. I was unfortunate that my cancer recurred in 2010 (I think this is very unusual). Treatment for recurrences is repeated surgery if possible, & I had the tumour removed, & have had further surgery since. I now have tumours in my abdomen, & have been told no further surgery. The oncologists started trying other treatments aimed at controlling the situation. I am still feeling quite well & pain free, & getting on with my life as far as possible.

    Can I ask if you also have had a granulosa cell tumour? If so, I hope you remain well for many years


  • hi Di, I was diagnosed with GCT too in June and it ruptured before surgery.All blood test done a week before it ruptured showed no cancer cell found but the biopsy later show it was a GTC. I was referred to oncologist and explained the same that this is an slow growing and low malignant cancer cell however since its ruptured he highly recommended 3 cycle of BEP regimen chemo for prevention.Another blood test was done before starting chemo in July all showed negative and by Aug I have completed my 1st cycle and soon starting 2nd cycle..My oncology informed me that based on the medical book for this diagnose is 3 cycle and doctors won't do any shortcut unless if the patient requested for it. I'm still doing research about this if i should complete the chemo as this only for prevention and mop out if any residual but I think 3 cycle is too much for prevention.

  • Hi zbee I was fortunate to be diagnosed early and had a fantastic surgeon with no spillage from the tumour which was large high grade and necrotic. I was vegetarian for many years and am now vegan. I wish you well whatever you decide. Xxx

  • Have you tried the Budwig Clinic? I would suggest that you look it up on the internet. There are lots of recipes and some very interesting information. Best of luck to you.

  • There's some useful info about nutrition on the Penny Brohn website and in my opinion well worth going on their residential 'Living Well' short courses. So important that you find the right way through treatment for you!! Very best wishes to you, Sx

  • thanks all for the information.

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