So lucky

I want to begin by saying YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. I am in awe of your strength, your courage and your compassion. To be so generous and show such empathy when you are going through bad times brings tears to my eyes.

It may sound weird but I am honoured to have touched the edges of your community. And that's all I have done. I have been reading your words the last couple of months but not posting because I don't feel I am 'qualified' to advise. And how fortunate is that? To not be 'qualified' to advise on chemotherapy, on hair loss, on neuropathy, on recurrences ........

I have been SO lucky. My tumour twisted and was found at 1a. My husband was with me when it happened and could call an ambulance. It didn't burst. There were no more tumours found in the second operation. They decided I didn't need chemotherapy. The side effects of a surgical menopause aren't that bad. I have a wonderful daughter. I was 42 before any of this happened ... and that's old enough to have done lots of things with my life ... but young enough to do more. I am so lucky.

When I cry it is because I feel so fortunate and my heart goes out to all of you who are having a far far more rocky journey than me. I think of you all often. Thank you. You are inspirational. Much love, Kate.

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  • Lovely post.... So glad your cancer was caught so early .... Getting back to normal is something I am so looking forward too... Enjoy 😃😃

  • Thank you Shellygirl. ... I hope normal arrives soon for you. X

  • Such a lovely post Kate. I was diagnosed in 2010 with Stage 4 OC and I have been so lucky to, I have never had a recurrence. I have lost some lovely friends to this horrible disease. I was told after my op that it is incurable and will someday rea its ugly little face again, but for the moment it's live, live live. I admire YOUR courage and empathy. Love Ann X

  • Thank you Ann. X

  • That's a great posting Kate. None of us knew we had cancer, none of us knew what stage or grade we had before we were actually diagnosed and all of us have been impacted by cancer.

    You may be in shock with everything that happened to you so please don't ignore the fact that whilst you didn't need further treatment that you had a major Op and you had cancer. That's a lot to take in and process even with the 'all clear'.

    Take time to talk things through with your family or with a professional if you feel you need to.

    Take care

    Clare X

  • Thank you Clare x

  • Hi Kate,

    Lovely post,the ladies on here are amazing and so supportive.

    Lovely to hear good news, I am sure you will live life to the full, nothing like a scare to realise how precious life is

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you Carol x

  • Thank you for your post and your generous post. Good luck.

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