So far so good!

Hi lovely ladies! I posted a few weeks ago about my mam, who was about to start 4th line chemo and was quite unwell.

I'm very happy to say (almost afraid in case I'll jinx it) that she is doing quite well and is in very good spirits. She was in hospital for 2 weeks, during which 11 litres of ascites was drained, miraculously all from one point. She is home 2 weeks now, on daily cyclophosphamide and has had two doses of avastin so far, that's being given fortnightly. Minimal side effects so far, a bit tired but nothing like on previous chemos, in very good form, and currently in the process of making her 4th Christmas cake out of a planned 6!

We are so thankful that she is comfortable, above all, but that she seems to be doing well also. We just pray now that the drugs are helping. She'll have a scan in January. Thank you all again for your supportive messages when I posted before. It gave me hope to cling on to every day. Wishing you all well and hoping you are looking forward to Christmas time though I know the thought of all the fuss can be overwhelming! X

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  • Really happy your mam is doing well. So pleased you will have a lovely Xmas. Keep positive and enjoy. Xx

  • Happy days xx

  • So pleased your mum is comfortable and in good spirits. Have a lovely Xmas

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Hi Mary , I'm new to this site so only reading your post for the first time.

    Delighted that your mum is doing well , she must be a strong lady to have gone throught all that and making Christmas cakes . Wishing you all the very best for her and you.

    Enjoy every morsel of those cakes !

    Kind regards

    Sinead age 42 , 1 year diagnosed stage 4 &ion avistin until 2016 & very happy and well at the moment .

  • Hi Sinead, I have been on Avastin since Oct 2013 and expect to stay on it for another year and a half unless anythings goes wrong. Do you have the usual side effects, nose, and tiredness? Yes that lady is doing well to make so many Xmas cakes. Joan

  • So good to hear that your mother is doing so well now. Thank you for sharing her good news. I'm interested to hear that it is cyclophosphamide she is on. Orally?

    I had been looking at a trial which used that chemo as the control. Keep well, enjoy the Christmas cakes and a wonderful family Christmas with your mother. Maureen

  • Yes orally, every day, not sure what the dosage is, its one tablet beforeshe eats in the morning.

  • Lovely Mary

    I am over the moon for you!!!

    Keep us posted.

    Love Janette xx

  • So pleased to read your good news, Mary, on this dismal, grey day. Sending Best Wishes for a really happy Christmas.

    Love, Solange

  • I am so pleased for you and your family that your mam is feeling much better and coping well with her treatment. Long may this continue. Have a wonderful Christmas. Ann xo

  • Thanks so much for letting us know your Mum is doing well and the procedures in hospital and drugs seem to be hitting the spot. Long may that continue. What a lovely lady she must be making so many christmas cakes. xx Annie

  • That's great news! So pleased your Mum is doing well. My very best wishes. Andrea x

  • Such good news! Reminds me of my mum, who whatever she went through still making her Christmas cakes when she was in her 80s!! Have a great happy time x

  • That's really great news - thanks for letting us know. xxx

  • Great news! Good for her xx

  • Oh was just thinking about you both today would you believe, I am glad your Mum got sorted and is home and on treatment. Yes the Avastin is tiring every three weeks but prob more so every two weeks. I find I could be great and an hour later have to rest. I change like the weather. Well your Mum is one great lady, I dont do Xmas cakes, I get a pressie of a pudding. Hubbys niece brought up some homemade mince pies which she made so I froze some of them. They have to be good as they were baked outside Carrick on Suir, the Waterford side haha. I have started my Xmas shopping and got a few bits done. But not finished. You are a great young lady to care for your Mum. I am glad she is in a good place at the moment. Avastin is a good drug, I am not sure about the other as I have never been on it. But some of the other ladies might help on that. Do pop in from time to time and let us know how you are doing.

  • Thanks Joan! Mam isn't finding the tiredness too bad yet but she has only had 2 doses. Glad you have the shopping started, hopefully I'll get started tomorrow. Mam started giving cakes to the odd relation/friend, it has grown over the years, delighted she is able to do it this year. I'll definitely pop by again, I always keep an eye on the site. Thanks again x

  • That's fantastic news, so very pleased for you all. Have a super Christmas.


    Annette xxx

  • I was so pleased to read your post last night, in fact it made my day as I don't mind telling you I felt really upset when I read your previous post, for your Mam and for you. So glad they have finally sorted her treatment, now you can both relax and enjoy Christmas. Make sure she puts her feet up and saves her energy for baking and whatever else she wants to do surrounding by her lovely family xx

  • Thank you all!

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