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Stand up to cancer

I watched this very interesting programme this evening. It made be laugh and cry. It made me happy and upset with lots of emotions in between.

There were lots of emotional stories of people like us fighting cancer and sometimes losing and sometimes winning. There were a lot of hopeful messages out there regarding research.

One of the best sentiments expressed last night was from the georgeous George Clooney.

He said the following:

" our own cells do a very simple thing. They divide over and over again but no matter how you live, who or where you are, through no fault of your own, a single mistake in a single cell can spark another that makes battle fields in bodies.

Some other people are so lucky that in those millions and millions of moments our bodies work perfectly. The great thing about the human species is we the lucky ones can stand up for the not so lucky."

All too often we blame ourselves with the what if I did this or that to make myself get cancer but at the end of the day it is just the luck of the draw. We are the unlucky ones and it is nice to know that over 6 million pounds has been raised by both the unlucky and lucky people to help us in our fight against cancer.

I feel unlucky that I have cancer but also lucky that even though my cancer is terminal I am still well enough to live normally and do special things with my family. I have further chemo options ahead of me and who knows - with all this research going on that miracle drug could be just around the corner and if I stay well enough for long enough further options may become available for not only me but all of us.

There is always hope and as Dr Christian said last night with all the money raised going to research more and more cancers can and will be cured in the future.

Hugs to all my fellow fighters Jackie xxxxx

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Jackie that is so true, I think we do too often blame ourselves or think if only... Good for George Clooney to put it into such memorable words.

There does seem a little more hope around that if not cures, at least better and more treatments will be found reasonably soon.

Thank you for an uplifting post!

Monique x


Just wanted to send my love.

Stay strong.

Lots of love suzanne. Xxxx


Yes its easy to blame yourself with what if's,

But things seem to be happening quickly now with new treatments coming up for all

sorts of cancer's, we have hope now on the horizon, and who knows what's around the

corner for us, lets hold on and hope that soon we will have that miracle.

Lovely post Monique, thank you for that.

love trish x


Hi, I think you said it all in your post. I watched it until 10.30 last night but I will watch the end today as its been recorded. I did managed to donate and I put a post on my face book asking everyone to donate. I put the text number on face book just in case anyone missed it. So if anyone missed it here you can still donate the number is 70414 just text FIVE or TEN to the number don't forget we will all benefit .

Love to everyone Babs x x


Great idea about the numbers Babs. As you say it will benefit us all in the end.

Love Jackie xxx


Hi Jackie,

Thank you for this lovely blog.. sending you love x G x :-)


Dear Jackie - a lovely blog. I'm really pleased you put it up as it was a great effort for everyone who has cancer. Good to raise awareness and good to demystify it. I really enjoyed the choir which has been mentioned on another blog so I tuned in especially to watch that. I didn't watch much more as I don't much enjoy that sort of programme but I did donate. I was disappointed it was only possible to donate £5 or £10 via mobile phone. Perhaps it will stimulate people to donate more via other routes.

Hopefully the event will become an annual evening of television like the BBC one that raises money for children. I also hope that it will lead to other fund-raising events to appeal to even more people. As you all say, we're on the verge of discovering new treatments and this gives us great hope.

Thanks Babs for repeating the number to donate and the tip about Facebook. I'll add it to mine too.

love and positive thoughts to you all. xxxx Annie


The choir were amazing weren't they!

I don't think any of it's members had ever sung in a choir before and the youngest member was only 11.

So many brave ladies sporting their bald heads and scarves and looking very beautiful.

Hugs Jackie xxx


Dear Jackie

You're quite right about ladies looking beautiful. Seeing more women going through chemotherapy going out without hair does make you look again at female beauty. I always think my friends look amazing.

It would be wonderful to see that choir. I heard they'd practiced in Cardiff. What a shame I missed that. xx love to you xx Annie


anger,frustration and of course fear are all emotions we shed during worrying times,its a natural process,if we had all the answers there would be no questions,"cancer" is just a six letter word that on its own scares us all,and yet with hope belief and perseverance we can move forward,every hour we move on is another 60 minutes away from now,stay strong and positive,


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