Pelvic pain

Hi ladies, I have Had 5 cycles of carbo/taxol and avastin, from cycle 3 on the third week my body has not been able to cope with taxol so have missed 3 weeks of taxol, my onc decided to bring forward my scan before cycle 6 as I have been complaining of pain in left side (scan was on Monday) waiting on results..😁... It will be three weeks on Tuesday since my last chemo, I have noticed I have a lot of pain in my pelvic area especially while sitting, anyone else have pain in this region, getting a little worried

L x

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  • I did have pain on my left side still do in fact. I know my sciatic nerve is involved because the part of the ovary left is at the back near the nerve. I am stable at the moment but some months ago the hip started playing up but on physio for that, mri and ct showed stable. I did have the pain a little during Gem Avastin and Avastin could be the common demoninator, Also sent for dexa scan and seem to have a fracture from osteopenia so hopefully your scan will be good, all the best

  • Hi Suzuki, I am hoping it is the avastin working hard 😁 haven't heard anything as yet about seeing onc re scan ,I was hoping that it would be next Wednesday as she only sits in Cavan general once a week if not it means another nail biting week😔, hope you are doing well despite the pain

    L x

  • That is hard really could you ring her gynae liason nurse or her secretary if you hear nothing, maybe tommorow post might have something for you. Its hard waiting really. I am doing okay, the pain has lessened since I got injection last week. I am off tomorrow for a few days to Malaga, its a short flight and I have my EU Card. But I hope I will be okay. Best wishes

  • Enjoy you're break, hope all will be well for you

    L x

  • Hi Lorent, been and just back since this morning, it was nice to have sun and heat and yes I walked quite well. Amazing to see how well groomed the older Spanish ladies are, hair done and high heels, I had crop pants vest tops and sandals. Well I did make an effort for night time. But I walked and walked no problem, but was tired today. Now back to cool autumn winds here.

  • Like you I had pains where my right ovary was and I was concerned. I did have an abdominal scan and was told nothing suspicious there. My Onc said it's healing pains and probably the Avastin targeting the area where the cancer initially started. I'm 3C - I still have pains and decided to accept what the Onc says, not worry about it and wait for my CT scan next March when treatment ends. Hope this helps. Love Michelle x

  • Think because chemo has stopped I am thinking every ache and pain is the return of this dreaded thing, hopefully I will hear from my team about seeing onc this Wednesday if not it means another week of worry 😢

    L x

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